Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Visiting Helen & Joshua

My sister Helen and my nephew Joshua invited me to come visit while dad was away. It was my last trip to be able to pack so light. Next trip I'll need a few more things for our son, hurray! The first thing that happen while I was there, is that I turned 32 weeks. Helen did the photo honors.
We had a popcorn and movie night. We made popcorn on the stove which turned out to be delicious!
Joshua really liked the popcorn! He even swirled his bowl of popcorn around like we did to the cooking popcorn on the stove. What a smartie!
(Who would ever guess this sweet face could turn into a wiggly lobster in his half sleep? I call him that because if you sleep next to him you will soon find out he moves around a lot and likes to caress your arm or neck. While it seems cute at first, his sweet caresses are interrupted by pinches, big pinches, and they kind of hurt! Nothing you can sleep through! But he's so cute and doesn't pinch when he's awake. Crazy!)
Before the movie started, we took some silly pictures together. What do you think, do we look related?

We also had a pizza night. We made BBQ chicken pizza and Joshua was a very good helper.

My sister makes bread dough so often, Joshua knew after the dough rises you pound it! And pound it he did.

He loves hats and sunglasses! How many kids do you know leave their sunglasses on for 6 hours at a time? That would include a walk, a nap, lunch, going to mom's activities days, coloring back at home, only to take them off for dinner.
We had so much fun playing together, the morning I left he wanted to just play...who cares about one last picture :)
I wish I could say next time we see each other, I'll be more fun and my pregnant tummy won't inhibit the time on the floor or horsey rides...but I'll get to see them either days before or after our baby comes. I'm not making any promises for that time, but for sure the next time! Thanks for having me!

Curb Appeal

This last weekend our yard got a little curbing makeover, although I'm sure the boys would say there was nothing little about the amount of work they put into it.  While I was out of town, Travis and Balend did some market testing on our yard. I knew I would like it, but I was extra surprised at how nice it looked when I got home! 

This is what our yard looked like before...
and this is what it looks like now.

A couple of days after the new curbs were put in, we got this note on our door:

My name is So-and-so, you've met my husband, So-and-so, the Comair pilot.
I was walking by earlier today and noticed that you had removed your cheap, ugly landscape border for the beautiful stone/concrete you have now. We are planning to do some work in our flower bed and need some of that cheap, ugly stuff. Are you throwing it away? If so, could we have some of it?
Call me and let me know. Thanks, So-and-so (phone number included)

I thought this was so funny! I guess we are now out of cheap, ugly landscaping border, but if anyone else wants beautiful stone/concrete curbs, I know of a great, reliable, hardworking crew you can hire to do the job :)

Baby Shower

I have such awesome friends! 
A couple of weeks ago, my friends had a baby shower for me and guess what? I had even more friends come to it. It was a lot of fun and I'm so thankful for people's generosity. I was given a huge variety of a lot of very nice things! After the shower, my list of things still to get didn't even fill up a little sticky note. Thank you to everyone that come, everyone that sent gifts, and everyone that continues to be a support to us! I feel so blessed to have so many amazing friends!

Thank you Brooke! Thank you Gina! Thank you Karin! Thank you Melanie! Thank you Sarah!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cynthia needs...

My friend Katie had this on her blog, and instead of folding laundry like I should be doing, I thought I would test it out. It actually turned out to be kind of funny in a silly sort of way :) 

Rules of the game: Type your name into Google followed by the word "needs" i.e. "Cynthia needs". List the Top 10 hits. Here are mine:

1. At just five feet tall, Cynthia needs to learn how to wear clothes that don't drown her.

2. Cynthia needs a lot of love.

3. Cynthia [needs a name change] is going out today, but I'm not sure where.

4. Cynthia needs the pillow police.

5.  Cynthia needs to go HOME!

6. Cynthia needs to BE IN THE DEBATES!

7. Cynthia Needs Our Help!!! It's time! Refuse to Lose!

8. Cynthia needs to lighten up about saying her name.

9. Cynthia needs a CAR for CHEAP!!

10. Cynthia needs more attention.

11. (I just had to add this one because I really like it) All Chef Cynthia needs is a clean kitchen and refrigerator when she arrives.

12. (ok, ok, last one) Cynthia has a vision disability. She lacks peripheral vision and needs sight-enhancing toys to play with when possible. She wears special glasses...

Now that I've had my fun, I'm going to spend some time with the laundry!

Special Note: I'll post pictures of my sewing project when I finish it...I'm still working on the blanket and as much as I want to work on it everyday, life happens and it's still a work in progress. So stay tuned :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Handyman Travis

Enough about me, here's a little about Travis. He's hard at work again, doing projects around the house. This week was hanging our bikes from the ceiling. I thought they were in a pretty good spot before, but as Travis puts it, now it's ever better! I must admit, it does make for a lot more floor space in the garage. Thanks to our good friends for getting these for us! We think they are awesome!

30 Weeks

I had a great doctors appointment this week! He doctor said I passed the glucose test with flying colors. My iron level is right on and my blood pressure is good. The baby's heart beat was a strong and steady 135 beats per minute. He doctor also said the baby is measuring to be about 3 pounds right now, and he guesses he will be about 6 1/2 - 7 lbs. at delivery. I said I was ok with that :) He also said everything else was great, a textbook pregnancy. Got to be grateful (and very happy) about that!
Oh yeah, I got my hair cut a little while ago. Not just any haircut, the shortest haircut I've ever had haircut! I'll blame it on pregnancy (sure, I'll give in, why not?) but I wanted it and liked it, then  hated it, and then wasn't sure, but ended strong on love it. How do you like this pile of hair? It's only half of it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sewing Project

Before you read any further, let me just say...this is an emotional saga!

So I wanted to make the baby bedding with the help of a friend (love her surger!). I only had a couple of days that she could help me, so I was really crunched for time. When I went into my favorite fabric store, I set out on a mission to find something I loved, all while wanting to keep it gender neutral. By doing so I figured I wouldn't have to make another set some day because let's face it, fabric can be expensive.

The day I traded my arm and my leg for this cute arrangement of fabric pieces, I was super excited about it! Over the next two days as we cut and sewed I kind of wondered, "Hmm, did I make the right split second decision? I mean I think it's still cute, but do I love it?"

When I got home and put the finished pieces on the crib, I decided, "Nope, not the right decision. In fact I think I hate it! Why did I do that? Why didn't I just get something different?" Well, after a spat of ridiculous tears, Travis gave me a nice little pep talk and put me down for a nap. I guess he thought I was tired...wonder why he thought that :)

Now that it's been a few more days, I think it's cute but am still wishing I had picked something different. Maybe just gone all out boy, or different colors, or something. But what's done is done, no use in crying over sewn fabric any more :) 

Which leads me to one question...why am I all of a sudden second, third, and forth guessing all my decisions? Decisions that really should have no effect on my personal happiness and certainly do not pertain to my eternal salvation! Am I going crazy or should I give in to the fact that maybe pregnancy hormones are actually starting to mess with me?