Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our First Soccer Star

Bergen is playing in his first organized sport, soccer. He has been excited about being on a team for a long time. And by a long time I mean like a year. There has been two practices so far and both times he wasn't ready for them to end when it was over. He has done a nice job of following instructions and waiting for his turn when needed. The running is really good for him and his high amounts of energy! After this week's practice I wasn't sure if he understood the concept of the game yet, or if any of the kids did for that matter :) He and I watched a couple of videos online of kids his age playing a soccer game. We talked about what they were doing and what he would be doing. Today was the first game and Travis and I were so impressed. Bergen, and all of the kids really, did such a good job. Bergen was aggressive when he needed to be and did well going where he was told to be. He even scored one goal right at the very end of the game. We really enjoyed watching him and he said he really liked it! Although as we were driving away he said he thought he was getting a trophy?! Haha! So funny. Not yet buddy, not yet. Lots more games to go still :) I think it's going to be a fun few months of soccer.