Monday, November 29, 2010


Before I know it it will be Christmas, so it's probably about time I get Halloween into the books. We got to spend Halloween with the Olivers. It was so much fun being together and watching the boys interact with each other.

We of course carved pumpkins. Bergen liked mixing the seeds (afterall, he IS my little baking heper!).
We also went to the ward Halloween party. After dinner there were's still almost impossible to get a great picture of the three of these boys together! Do they have some sort of secret pact or what? :)
There were carnival games for the kids to play. Bergen liked bowling, the ring toss, and throw the bean bags into the pumpkin the best.
Then it was time to head outside for trunk-or-treating!
(Isn't this little elephant just so cute? After all my work, I was very excited that he actually kept the hood on and even wore the trunk!)
Being my orderly self I tried to get Bergen to systematically go down the parking lot stopping at each car...but he really just wanted to run. When I finally realized he could care less about the candy, I decided to just let him have his fun :)
I think it's safe to say Woody, skunk, and elephant ALL had a good time!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pom Poms

In my craft things I have jars of pom poms and buttons. Bergen likes to play with them, and before I know it, this...
...turns into this...
...which quickly becomes this...
All in a days play :)

Little of This and That Video Style

It was a very rainy day! Bergen kept standing at the door pleading to go outside, but how do you explain to a one year old that everything is wet and soggy after it's been raining for days. In the late afternoon, after a diaper change and before we put pants back on, I finally figured I would let him see just how yucky it was outside. Boy was I wrong! He loved sloshing around!
I think this is the first and only place Bergen has gotten himself really stuck. And I never would've guessed it would be here. He's pretty good about how ever he gets himself up, he can get himself down...except for this spot apparently. Not even the phone playing music or the camera could lurer him down.
Will need to work on getting a better video of this, but it's still kind of funny. Bergen has discovered he can hold onto the table strap handle and swing himself. When he does something he thinks is good, he claps just like he does here.
We were trying to catch his funny I don't like this food face. Bergen thought we were trying to take his picture. His "cheeeeeeeeeese" face is a fairly new thing.