Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Photos

What?!? We were just wondering what he would look like if he ever needed glasses. Do we have too much time on our hands?
He's so fun to look at when he's sleeping. I'd get more done if I didn't like to watch him so much! Oh well, he's only this little today...tomorrow he will be bigger again. Stop growing so fast little one!
Sometimes I like to snuggle with Bergen in the early morning hours after Travis has gone to work. Since I don't fit in the crib too well, he gets to be nice and cozy in the big bed!
I think this is one of Bergen favorite chill positions. Right hand by his face, left arm relaxed. I see him like this often.
Hey, look at me...I've outgrown something! I can't even straighten my legs in these jammies anymore!
Cute face :)
No matter what I do, he has crazy hair. It's always sticking straight up.
Even though I try to get Bergen to take a binki, he seems to like his hands better. The other night I heard him sucking on his hands, and see this...he has found his thumb! I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it sure is cute. I keep trying with the binki and he's getting better at it, but I'm pretty such he would be happy as a thumb sucker if we let him!

Lots More Family Time

The last few weeks have been busy with family, family, and more family. After my dad left, my mom came for a visit. Since my sister Helen is so close these days (well, 4 hours away) she came back too!

We had to experience Ft. Worth...which means the cattle drive and Joe T. Garcias.

Joshua and Bergen are good friends! Joshua really like to hold Bergen. He calls him Ber-jer, or baby-a, and says "holdy". Even when Bergen starts to cry, Joshua doesn't mind. He just comments to us that the baby is "noisy!". He would probably hold him all day if we let him.
As soon as he saw Bergen in the bath, he wanted in too!
Apparently, we can't get our kids dressed at the same time, ha ha! That's not true, but these pictures would make you wonder :)
My mom got the boys matching hoodies. They will be the perfect size this winter, but for fun we had to try them out now.

The day my mom left, my sister Kellene, my brother Andrew, and my dad had a short layover in Dallas that actually turned out to be an entire day long...plane maintenance and bad weather. More fun for us! I was especially excited to get to show off Bergen to Kel and Andrew.

Last week I took a turn to visit Helen. Bergen and I made the 4 hour road trip to San Angelo. There are lots of great parks there, course Bergen pretty much slept through them all.
Joshua is the best baseball player I know. He really wants Bergen to play with him and is teaching him the basics already. We put this little baseball hat on Bergen, but Joshua set up the rest :) Batter-up!

Friday, June 12, 2009

One Month Old

My baby is now one month old! He still does a lot of just eating and sleeping but here's a few other fun things he's doing:

He knows if he's hanging out by himself or in our arms now, and by himself is not as fun anymore...his tolerance for the bouncer is shorter and he wants to be held more. Time to start making quicker dinners!

He can grab a fist full of hair and tugs at it. The faster he learns to let go of it himself the better...because he's pulling his own hair! :)

Occasionally we either get lucky or he really is mimicking our facial expressions. A smile is of course our favorite, but raised eyebrows are also pretty cute.

It certainly doesn't happen every night, but this sweet little boy has slept up to 6 hours. Needless to say he wakes up famished after those stretches of sleep and goes to town eating like, well, like a little baby who hasn't eaten all night :) He doesn't mess around at these feedings!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

11 Days Old

We had the privilege of getting these photos taken when Bergen was only 11 days old. These are some of my favorites.

Thanks Amanda...they turned out wonderfully!