Monday, July 25, 2011

This is How We Roll

Travis got this bike seat and helmet for Bergen so they could ride together. Bergen LOVES it, for the first part of the ride at least. After a while he isn't so patient with the chin strap and says ouie, ouie! Funny thing is he's fine if he's momentarily distracted with something like, "do you see that duck?" Or, "look at that truck."
One night the boys rode the bike and I ran around the neighborhood. Every time they went past me Bergen would yell, "hi mamaaaaa!" That was so fun!
I've taken Bergen riding a few times myself. He likes holding onto the handles on occasion, which means I have to keep on my toes about which sudden direction he may steer us :) It's been nice to have a good exercise alternative for those days that I just don't feel like running.

Sink Drink + Glasses

How does he know to do this? We didn't show him!
Bergen doesn't wear glasses too often. But for a couple of days he wanted them every time we went outside. I think he's cute with his glasses and wanted a picture. He thought it was funny to run away. This was the best I could get. Silly boy!

Boys Will Be Boys

This kid is his daddy's boy! Common words in Bergen's vocabulary include, truck, troller, ba-rey chargit, and ready! Even in 100+ degree weather, Bergen is happy as a clam to be outside doing truck with daddy, sweaty as can be. Most packages that come to us in the mail are RC/hobby related. The other day Bergen helped me bring in a package from the doorstep. He asked me if it was a truck. Later in the day we had a second package delivered. He took one look at that box and mater of factly told me it was a troller. Cracked me up! Neither package was what he thought, but I thought it was really funny that he was certain that's what they were.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Picnic

In the heat we've been experiencing, there's not much better than a nice, cool, refreshing, yummy Sonic drink. Just ask Bergen. He calls it "uice" and loves holding the cup himself. I just have to watch him closely because he does like to dig his finger into the cup...which make for a real mess! Not to mention the loss of "uice" he actually gets to drink, and the increase in laundry I get to do.

One hot day we decided to get a treat for a picnic together. We found a nice patch of grass in Southlake and ate our 5 Guys burgers, and drank our "uice." Well Travis and I did anyways...Bergen mostly ran around, stopping for only half second breaks to stuff a few little bites into his mouth before taking off full speed again. Both Travis and I had to hold him tight just to get a picture.
Sometimes it's just fun to get out of the house. Even if it's for a fast food picnic in the heat of the summer.

Plays On His Own

A new milestone has been reached lately. Bergen is able to entertain himself with some constructive play (I sound so technical don't I?). And for anyone that doesn't speak my same "technical," I mean he is actually playing with his toys the way they were meant to be used, using him imagination, and has some sort of goal or story he's working on. It's so fun to watch.

He loads people up into the bus and drives them somewhere.

He carries tools around to fix things, all while having a conversation with himself.

He plays with multiple trucks or cars with some kind of plan.

He does some mixing, pouring, cooking, and dish clean up with his toy food and dishes.

He also reads books, although I not sure if he's reading out loud to himself or if he thinks he's reading to someone else :)

He has two way conversations with himself in the car, asking if you see or want something, then responding with an answer (love ease dropping on this one).

There's been a few mornings and several afternoons, where's he's played with toys in his room for almost an hour before calling for me, or falling asleep. I expect to see the aftermath of a tornado, only to discover he's been playing with just a handful of toys or books, and the room's really quite clean.

And my favorite is when he just runs around the house, busy as can be, playing whatever game or situation he's got going on in his own little world, while I'm busy with chores.

One day I found these train tracks. He set them up all by himself. Not bad for his first attempt alone.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bergen Cleans Up

Before Bergen goes to sleep I usually do a quick pick up of his room. That way if he gets up at night, or we have to go in there, we aren't stepping on toys in the dark. I guess I just do it out of habit for naps too. Well this particular day I didn't clean up because Bergen was not quite ready to fall asleep, so I left him playing and hoped he would go to sleep soon. He did eventually climb onto his bed and fall asleep. When I went to get him later I thought something seemed different about his room. I started looking around and noticed he had picked up his room himself! Not a thing was left on the floor. Needless to say it was a very proud mommy moment.

Here's the books back on the shelf and the things he placed on top.
This one took me a while to find. His pants he put back in the drawers. In the jammie drawer, but a drawer none the less.
I love his occasional outbursts of organization!

May 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Way to Cut Hair

Seems like this little boy needs a lot of hair cuts! I'm always trying to find a better way to keep him entertained, and distracted from the hair falling on him, which he hates. This time around I went with the little dvd player. Worked preeeetty well.
...and after.
Love this happy face. Love this happy boy.

May 2011