Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bergen Turns 3!

Friday, May 11th was Bergen's birthday. I had planned for an outdoor water party. See the invitation below I spent way too much time working on!
I also spent way too much time thinking over the details of the party. I did had a lot of fun shopping for supplies though (maybe a little too fun) and Bergen was just so excited to get things for his party, that it made it even more fun for me. Trying to keep it fun and exciting yet simple was a little tricky. I didn't want to become overwhelmed or stressed out over it. In the end I did a good job keeping it from crossing that line, but it was a good thing I had some grandparent helpers here to help me finish the last minute preparations.

We had buckets for the kids to carry their sponges balls, squirt guns, and bubbles in, and take home at the end. They also got to take home a crazy straw. In an attempt to not overwhelm myself I didn't make a fancy cake this year. In fact all we had was brownies in cupcake shape with whipped topping. The whipped topping was home made though so that should count for something :)
ready for the party
my pretty display...that no ones cares about but me, but I do it anyway :)
buckets to hold the goods 
 brownie treats
sponge balls made by us 
 colorful water balloons

the rest of the stuff

On Bergen's birthday we woke up to some clouds :( I was just hoping the rain would hold off until noon when the party was over. I got everything set up outside and started to take pictures of it just as it started to sprinkle. The first half of the party the kids played in the sprinkling rain. But with squirt guns, sponge balls, bubbles, and water balloons it worked out alright. They mostly had fun running around and jumping on the trampoline.
picking out their buckets
 water filling station
ready to go!
 squirt time
 "don't get me!"
having fun
 water balloon toss
 water balloons lasted about 2 seconds before the kids threw them all :)
his goggles crack me up!

We had to move inside for presents and food because it eventually started to pour. Bergen did a great job opening each present, showing interest in it, and saying thank yous. Bergen sang himself a very nice "happy birthday to you" (cracked me up!) and only requested to blow the candles out twice. The kids really liked the brownie cupcakes and fruit in waffle cone bowls. Overall the kids were much quieter and calmer than I expected. It wasn't the bright sunny party I was planning and hoping for, but Bergen had fun. I have to remind myself that was what mattered most :) 
 finally! he gets to open his presents :)
 I picked these up for him last minute. Needless to say they've been a big hit, both at the pool and in the bathtub!
Bergen's "wooooow"
singing to himself 
 blowing out the candles
yummy food

After the party we went to lunch at Chef Point Cafe (remember, the gas station). Bergen had a good nap that day :) In the evening Bergen opened the presents from us and grandparents. The big gift was a water/sand table. He spends lots of time at the sink playing in the water so I knew he would like the table. I was not wrong :) He's had a lot of fun playing with it, although he knew right away it was also supposed to have sand and didn't let us forget it for several days until we could get to the store to get some! I really have been impressed at how well he's played with and rotated through all the new things he's gotten.
"time for my presents!"
every inch of paper has to be torn off before getting excited about the contents 
he had some really cute and thoughtful expressions, "hmm." 
counting the cars...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10. (constantly working on that 7 and 8) 
"what's it gonna be???" like he doesn't already know, sneak peeker! 
think he likes it!
"that's pretty cool" and "it's gonna be fu-un!"

A week after his birthday, out of the blue, he was standing by some of the toys he had gotten for his birthday and said to me, "Mommy, thank you for my party." Aww! You're welcome baby cakes! Such a sweetheart.

Grandma and Grandpa Linton Visit

Travis's parents came for a couple of days over Bergen's birthday. One of the days we went to a nearby aquarium.There really wasn't anything that held Bergen's attention for very long, but he did like the sunken pirate ship items in some of the tanks. The Linton divers recognized and pointed out lots of creatures they knew and had seen before. It was pretty cool, but for the price I don't think we need to go again anytime soon.
Bergen really enjoyed having grandma and grandpa here. For the most part Bergen really is a good kid, but even with all the birthday activities, the eating out, and the running around we did, I was impressed at how well behaved he was the entire time. I don't think there was even one fit! Pretty awesome, except now maybe grandma and grandpa think I make up stories about having an occasional rough day :)

For the special going out to eat birthday meal for Bergen and I, we went to lunch at the famous gas station restaurant here, Chef Point Cafe. Yes, it's in a gas station, but gourmet food! We've only been there a few times, and it's probably a good thing. I think they must use a stick of butter in all their dishes. Ok probably not but it all does taste very good. I had a pasta dish and Travis had a burger. Bergen devoured some of both of ours, and half way through we traded plates to experience a variety of the yumminess.
Bergen was sad to take grandma and grandpa to the airport. He wanted to go with them. Good thing we could tell him we could go to grandma and grandpa's house in a few months, because that kept him from insisting on getting on the plane with them :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Zoo and My Birthday

Bergen is getting so good at riding his bike! He can pretty much keep his balance with his feet up for a long as he wants to before putting his feet down to speed myself back up. He likes to go "really fast!" He 's even comfortable taking corners now without missing a beat. He did have his first wipe out. He was coming down this hill, got going too fast, the front wheel started wobbling and he toppled over before he could gain control again. He scrapped his chin and thumb a tiny bit, cried for about 7 seconds, then went back to the top of the hill to try it again. A little bit slower though :)
(phone picture = not great quality)

Bergen and I got to go to the zoo with some friends this week. I took the wagon for Bergen to ride in. I figured it was easy for hopping in and out to see animals. It was too, except he basically walked the entire time. I pulled my friend's 5 year old more than I pulled Bergen :) We had fun though. He was an excellent trooper and behaved very well that day. Later I asked what was his favorite animal was. He said the giraffes and car. Finally figured out he was referring to riding in the friend's car that has a dvd player. Silly kid!

Friday we had our first swim of the season. I was trying to finish a logo on the computer and Bergen was chomping at the bit to go. I asked if he could go get his swim shorts, trying to buy some time. He said yeah and was gone for a while. He came back and had actually found them, despite not really seeing them buried in his drawers all winter. He also insisted on having a swim diaper. I tried to explain he didn't need one because he used the toilet now, but to him that is just part of swim attire. Once I finished I went to his room for the swim shirt he was requesting. And to my surprise I found his dresser almost completely empty! Well, I must give him credit for successfully finding the shorts and getting them on himself, but holy moly, I was not expecting that mess! 
(another phone picture = more not great quality)

My birthday was Saturday. We are pretty low key around here so there's wasn't too much wild celebrating. In the morning we went to another friend's soccer game (Mom and Kel called then and sang a version of Happy Birthday that I think they are taking on the road). Bergen loves being out at the parks and kicking the ball around on the side. This is the second time we have gone and this time he cried that he wasn't on the team and couldn't play on the field. He kept saying, "I on the team" and responded with "I am older now" when I told him he wasn't old enough to be on the team. These days he says he likes soccer the best.

Travis got me a new set of scriptures. Mine have been about a foot and a half big since they got wet from being on the floor in our closet when we were moving into the house and the piles backed up. Serves me right for putting them on the floor, right? :) I also got a hand mixer and water pitcher. We had some ups and down with Bergen that day so eating out at a restaurant just didn't seem like a good plan. Instead we got drinks at Sonic and sandwiches at Potbelly's, and took them to a park. We had the whole park all to ourselves and it was perfect weather. When we were done eating I surprised Bergen with his bike in the back of the car, and we watched him ride around all the open space. Probably doesn't sound very exciting, but eating and playing at the park was probably the best couple of hours all week. So I would say overall it was a good birthday :)