Monday, March 28, 2011

A Bergen Sized Table

You say you won't be one of those parents that spoil their children...but I'm afraid we are failing miserably at that! I've been thinking about having a kid sized table to put in our office/craft/hobby room. I'm hoping that Bergen will feel special having his own work/play space and to occasionally do a project on his own while we use our space :) While walking around Ikea I saw this $7 end table and BAM, it hit me, it's the same size as the little kid tables that are at least three times as much. Perfect! So we snagged the table and these cute little chairs to complete the setup.
The best part about Ikea is that everything comes in a box ready to be assembled. Something Travis and Bergen just love doing! After chair #1 was put together Bergen knew just what to do on chair #2.
Oh the concentration! It was crackin' me up :)
This was a great buy. I love it (although it hasn't made it into the office just yet because we are having too much fun with it in the living room). This playdoh session lasted 45 minutes! Even Kellene and I were having fun.
Random: Don's know where he got this idea, but he was hard at work trying to get the playdoh between his toes. It was pretty funny and luckily once he succeeded he hasn't tried it again.
(March 1, 2011)


We had a lucky find! The end of January some friends of our were moving and didn't want to take this playhouse with them. So the men disassembled it and hauled it to our house. Bergen had fun putting it back together with Travis in our backyard.
Of course Bergen was all about the tools.
Our available space was different than the original space it was built in, so we had to make some modifications to where the rock wall, slide, and stairs were placed. Our home teacher works for a roofing company and offered his help and supplies for the roof. Travis really enjoyed doing some physical labor, Bergen loved working out there, and I think it turned out great!
Between the trampoline and the playhouse we have spent HOURS playing outside in our own yard.
I just love that we have a "fun" backyard...and now is the time to enjoy it before it gets too hot!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dresser Top

It's no secret Bergen is a climber. But this one surprised even me! It was quiet so I went looking and here is where I found him. Apparently he stands on the arm of the rocking chair, gets his balance, and then dives onto the dresser and pulls himself over. Crazy! He was very excited to turn the light on and off, and open and close the blinds. I tell you, NOTHING is safe in our house anymore. Especially since he started opening doors the end of February!
(Feb 23rd)

Sunday Best

For months I've been wanting to take a picture of Bergen in this cute Sunday vest. I finally got around to it...just before it's too small :)

He really didn't want to stand there!
But if Daddy was there with him he was just fine.
(Feb 6th)