Monday, June 3, 2013

Highlights from May

Practicing making bugs for Bergen's bug birthday cake. These practice playdoh bugs turned out to be much easier than the ones I made out of airhead candies.

Bergen playing diggers with his friend Mason.

Owen loves to be held up on your shoulder and falls asleep like this all the time. In fact the easiest way to get him to sleep is to put him up on my shoulder and walk around going about my business. After a short time he gets himself cozied in, his breathing slows down, and he gets heaver! I think he looks so cute all snuggled up on my shoulder!

I had a birthday. Comes every year :)

The boys snuggled up together.

Owen sitting with daddy after Bergen's birthday party.

My big FOUR year old!

Owen and daddy.

Owen at the pool.

Bergen floating out in the deep end.

One Sunday we all curled up on the bed and watched a Joseph Smith video on the computer. Owen was so cute just chilling with us. He's started to grab his feet and was practicing.

This just out of the bath, clean, wavy haired boy sure looks cute in these green monkey jammies.

After I changed Owen's diaper I left the room to throw the diaper away. When I left he was on the changing cloth, when I came back he was next to the wall. What the?! This crazy little guy had been scooting himself around. My thoughts were, "Yikes! He's not even 4 months old yet. I'm in trouble!" I guess he's just trying to get an early start on keeping up with Bergen.

Pulling out the toys and actually playing with them by himself is such a rare occassion. In fact so rare, I had to take a picture of it :)

Owen just being cute.

What better way to eat snacks than both kinds at the same time?! These are Bergen's favorite pants these days! And he loves how soft this swim shirt is. This is some of his fashion choices at their finest.

After Owen woke up from a nap Bergen climbed in to play!

Then Bergen decided he wanted to change baby's diaper...all by himself. He did a very good job at it too!!

We were at home depot when Bergen found this saw. He told me, "I todally need this! So I can cut stuff!" Cracked me up! 

We got a new carrier for Owen. Bergen wanted to carry baby so again my better judgment I hooked them up. It was so funny. Bergen thought it was hilarious and with the weight of Owen on his back he could barely stay standing. Owen didn't seem to mind and was a good trooper!