Friday, February 12, 2010


Record breaking snow for Texas! About 12 inches in 24 hours. How fun for us. Two days ago I was buying Bergen swimming trunks, and yesterday I wished I had gloves for him :)
We took Travis to the airport in the morning so he missed out on playing in the snow with us, but at least he got to see it. Bergen and I headed out to take advantage of this winter wonderland.
This is what Bergen was wearing:
undershirt and socks
flannel pajamas with feet
hoodie and warm up pants and gloves
jacket and flannel pants with feet
Apparently that still wasn't enough for him to want to make a snow angel...or just sit in the snow!
Ahhh, would anyone else call that a look of death? Glad I wasn't the one taking the picture.
Starting to be a little happier.

He's had enough now, let's go!
I pushed him up and down the street in the stroller. It was like we were 3-wheelin'! It was so bright I think Bergen was squinting the whole time. Maybe now would've been a good time to try out the sunglasses on him.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Little Journaling for 9 Months

Today Bergen is 9 months old! What an amazing 9 months it's been.

This was while I was putting things away, but today he started actually opening the cupboards himself.
This toy was a big splurge, but worth every penny! This has provided hours of entertainment. It lights up, plays music, lots of buttons to push, and makes animal sounds among other things.
These blocks are also very entertaining, especially if he has a bucket to go along with it. I fill up the bucket, he shakes the bucket until all the blocks fly out. Over and over again. This is one activity he will actually stay sitting for.

Bergen helping daddy with the laundry. He was having fun in there!

New Things and A Few Thoughts

Turns out Bergen is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. A couple of weeks ago I made a pork roast, mashed potatoes and carrots. I knew he would like the potatoes and carrots, but I was surprised how much he loved, loved, loved the meat. Since then I've discovered he also really likes chicken and rice, and even a little chuck roast. When Travis is home on Sundays I try to get something in the crockpot before church. Well even if Travis isn't home, I think I should be doing this every week so Bergen can enjoy it then, and the leftovers all week long!

Just like that. Yes just like that Bergen is eating finger foods like he's been doing it all along. I think it's so cute to watch him eat graham crackers and Ritz crackers. He moves the cracker from one hand to another, taking little bites until the very end. The last bite is always a big mouthful, I don't know why he does that but it's pretty funny. What impresses me the most is that he doesn't loose any to the floor or even into him lap. All of the cracker makes it into his tummy.

The last couple of days Bergen has wanted to spoon his own food into his mouth. For a while I was going through 3 spoons, one for each of his hands and one for me. Well I finally decided to forgo staying clean and let him try all on his own. It's messy, but he loves sticking the spoon into the bowl (with a little help to get some food on it) and then putting it into his mouth (that he does by himself). Like a said, it's really messy but he acts so happy with himself. It's fun to see him starting to show his independence.

He's getting quick! :) He occasionally crawls a few lengths on his hands and knees, but mostly he's speeding across the floor in an army crawl. Bergen also uses things to pull himself up onto his feet. The other night I looked over and he was standing at the little rocking chair. It took me by surprise because he had just barley crawled past my feet. I was amazed he had gotten up to the chair in such a short amount of time!

O how I love this little boy! He is amazing! Being his mommy is amazing! We definitely have our moments and I'm still learning how to better play with him and teach him what he needs to know, but he makes me so happy. I love it when he goes to bed at night, but by the time I myself am going to bed at night, I always want to snuggle him up (probably a good thing I don't fit it his crib, I'd want to sleep next to him every night). It's so fun to see his excitement when we chase after him and he squeals with joy as he tries to crawl away as fast as he can. It's also fun to see him get so excited to hear daddy's voice over the phone and the even greater amount of excitement when he sees daddy. They really love each other and I love each of them!