Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Highlights from April

We put stuff in a garage sale with friends this weekend. Travis was having a bake sale fundraiser at work that I made cinnamon rolls for. Since I was doing that I packaged the rest up and let Bergen sell them at the garage sale. He would yell, "who wants a cim-min roll?!?!" The other families had donuts and cookies they were selling. Bergen would sell one of his cinnamon rolls and then buy one of Wil's donuts! It was pretty funny. I think he ended up with $3-$4 in his money box by the time we finished though. And Travis said my box sold for $20 at the fundraiser.

Sweet squishy sleeping face Owen.

Owen is giving us smiles, although tricky to capture on camera.

A lot of Owen's pictures just don't do him justice. This picture in the bath looks to me more like how I see Owen in real life. Cute little happy face.

Silly bath boys.

One day Bergen had the camera and went around laughing at his idea and taking pictures of our bums. Why? I have no idea but that's Bergen for you. I had to laugh when I went through them later, he really did do a pretty good job getting us all :)

Bergen is super sweet to baby brother. He likes to give him things that he thinks Owen will like, wants, or needs. This particular day he left the ice scraper for him.

My three favorite bedtime boys.

Love his blue eyes.

Sleeping faces are the sweetest!!!

One morning I came out of the shower and was surprised to find Bergen in my bed...
...and Owen's arm hanging out. It was a fun way to be greeted so I took pictures of them both.

Owen really likes to splash in the bath.

Love these best brothers.

Bergen busy doing what he does.

This is another form of deep sea diving. It's a whole other world down there!

Snuggles with my silly boy. 

Baby Owen watching Bergen and smiling. 

He always looks so grow up after a haircut! 

This is a little something daddy picked up as part of his buying and selling dirt bikes. Bergen of course loves it and does a great job riding it. 

One night after we put Bergen to bed he turned the light back on and played a while longer before finally dropping off to sleep on the bean bag. 

When Bergen was a baby this little lion watched over him as he slept. Now it watches over little Owen.  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Owen's Blessing Day

We finally blessed Owen today. We didn't have any family members there but it was still nice. In the blessing Travis talked about Owen having strength, for him to grow and develop. That he would have open eyes to see good from evil. To have a soft heart to those around him, be loving and compassionate to his brother and sisters (Not sure if that was in the context of us all being brothers and sisters...or there was more to that. I guess time will tell). Listen to his parents. To serve a mission and bless many in other lands. To enjoy the fruits of this earth that Heavenly Father has given us. And that Owen is very special. That's what I could remember to write down during the sacrament hymn any way.

Bergen is a ham when it comes to taking pictures right now. There were MANY more pictures of his silly faces :)

Here are, um, A TON of pictures of Owen and all his sweetness. I don't take nearly as many pictures of him as I did of baby Bergen so this day I may have gone a little overboard :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Owen THREE Months Old

Love this growing little guy! He's still such a little cuddle bug and smiling lots and lots to us now. He loves watching Bergen, and Bergen's interest in him has started to increase from about 15 seconds to 45 seconds :) Owen is now sleeping awesome at night! 8-9 hours. Now I just need to go to bed when he does so I actually get caught up on my rest. 

I am amazed at his growth in such a short amount of time! He's changed so much already.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Whole Lot of Mischief For One Day

So yeah, I can not for the life of me feel like I can get caught up on life these days. It would really help if Bergen could do some playing on his own, but he doesn't. If I'm not entertaining him he might be helping me, but really he's probably into mischief. For example...

While I was in the shower the other day Bergen painted his toe nails. And in the process he got his shirt. And his shorts. And the couch. And the coffee table. And the carpet. And the tile. He thought I would like it. Cause it's pretty like mine. Hard to be mad over his sweet intentions. Still working on his clothes and the carpet, but I did get it off the rest of the things.

And later that same day during "quiet time", which really isn't quiet nor is it restful for Bergen or me...

 "Foot prints" with ink pads. All by himself. Add this to the things to get out of the carpet. Seriously a good thing he is so cute, otherwise...who knows! Bergen is definitely the one who needs things of me and is my challenge right now.

Anyone seen Ramona and Beezus? Well Bergen has. And I discovered one day he had squeezed a bunch of toothpaste into the sink. I guess he didn't get the part about that being naughty from the movie :) I thought about scraping it into a baggie and making him use it, but then I thought of all the germs in my not cleaned often enough sinks and decided against it. Lucky kid!

It happened! :) Bergen often asks to be the one to feed Owen. Except Bergen says Owen is not eating, he is drinking. And thus began the word "drinky" at our house. Owen gets drinky and Bergen is no longer ever thirsty, he's just drinky. It's kind of silly and cute at the same time. I have a feeling this one may stick around for a while.

Owen is still such a good little guy! He's sleeping really well at night and doesn't require a lot of maintenance during the day. Owen is super smiley now and starting to make little excited noises and trying to laugh. He's growing out of clothes like crazy! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Well our Easter got off to a slow start, but the bunny did find our house after church. Bergen was excited about the eggs and jelly beans. I was excited about the boys matching outfits! We enjoyed a quiet dinner together and got to bed super early.