Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let Me Introduce You To My Little Chef

Having Bergen stand at this drawer while I cooked turned out to be very entertaining...for him and me! Although those big, long, pointy skewers probably weren't the safest of kitchen utensils to let him be playing with...

Let's face it, planning, cooking, and cleaning up after a meal is exhausting!
(Look how big he is! He takes up more than half the length of the crib now. Wasn't he just barley the length of a couple squares on his blanket? Crazy!)

Into All Kinds of Mischief

Friday, August 20, 2010

Forever Ongoing Projects

Yes, that's right! Forever ongoing projects. That's the story of my life. Why is it I wonder? Perhaps it is it my ability to tire of something so quickly, or would we call that little endurance. Maybe I loose motivation. Oh I know! It's because these items in my house to be clean scream at me louder than the fun projects cooped up in the closet do. Or is it that I get so excited about something only to find out how much it's really going to cost me and therefore I drop off due to lack of budget. Probably all of the above :) Well, quite frankly I'm a little disgusted with myself. It's time to finish some things. And this time I'm determined to see it through!

Let's start with a cute quiet book pattern I bought off etsy months ago. I was very excited to make it for Bergen, but it probably would be a while before he could really appreciate it. Oh wait, that was months ago! He's just about the right age now and if I don't hurry up, he'll be so old when I finish he won't think it's an item worth taking on his mission and then the project will have been a waste (ok that's a little extreme, but you get the idea :)).

So to kick off my new found determination to finish some things, here's the cover to my quiet book.

Page 1
Now I just have 7 more pages to go to finish the entire book :)
Baby steps right?!?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spending Time With Dad

Travis likes sharing his hobbies with Bergen, and Bergen equally likes dad sharing :) Travis drives this car inside the house or outside and Bergen laughs, squeals, and chases after it. I think for Bergen it's a game of trying to catch it. Once he does catch it, it's another story of getting it back again! Another great thing about this, is that it gets us out of the house in the evenings. It may still be very hot, but the sunsets are pretty and it's better than watching TV.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 Minute Meal

Tonight I made a 30 minute meal. Not bad huh?
sweet and sour chicken over rice
dill carrots and zucchinis
bananas and strawberries
Well, ok it was really more like a 37 minute meal. I was soooo close though! In my defense this was the kind of environment I was working in...
Yes! Crazy I know. But what can I say? My "little chef" was very involved in the kitchen tonight and we all know the little chefs are always the ones who are really in charge :)
I think it all turned out alright though. At least he thought so.
To top the night off, I had a 30 minute clean up too! Dishes done, pot and pans scrubbed and put away, surfaces wipes, floor swept, and floor area in my little chef's throw zone scrubbed. Not bad for a night's work...ok fine. It took me 37 minutes to clean up. I was soooo close thought :) (and still probably pretty close to an evening kitchen clean up record).

Friday, August 6, 2010

Backyard Doings

When Bergen starts going stir crazy, or it's the last hour before going to bed and he just isn't handling life so well, there's one thing I can always count on to calm him down...outside! Hot or not, but mostly HOT, he loves being outside!

He will now bring me the bucket of sidewalk chalk trying to tell me he wants to go outside. We're getting pretty good at making a variety of pictures, and lines. Lots of little lines :)
This particular day I left the back door open so he could go in and out while I caught up on some work inside. I turned around to find this! Apparently we hadn't had the talk yet that we only draw on the floor outside. We've since had that talk :)
Bergen is very good at watering the trees. I've even left the nozzle open and let him water them himself. He's pretty good at soaking the tree, the surrounding fence, and himself. It cracks me up when he shakes the hose back and forth like we do when watering. I better be careful because I can already tell he's a good copycat.
This slide is the perfect entertainment for my little climber!
The last week or so he's even decided sliding down it is pretty fun.
1 - 2 - 3 - GO!

Bergen demonstrates how he plays on the slide.
Doing what he does best...checking things out.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Pictures

For months I've wanted to get our pictures taken. We were finally able to get ourselves together to do it last week. I was very excited about it, however Bergen was not! He was much more interested in, well, anything but getting his picture taken. The things I had in mind flew out the window and it became a matter of just getting anything decent. In the end we came out with some that I really like! Thanks to a good photographer!
Thank you Shea!