Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Camping Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend we joined two other families for a camping trip...or was that a guys weekend with their dirt bikes and the wives and children tagged along? I'm not too sure :)

We went just an hour and a half away near a lake in Oklahoma. When we crossed the boarder Bergen was SO excited and very excitedly told me we were now in "Olohomo!!!" Hilarious!

Camping was fun and a good (but incredibly muddy) overall experience for our first family camping adventure. But holy cow! It's so much work getting ready and then recovering from it afterwards. While we were camping Bergen could not stay out of he mud! We would get him cleaned up and not 5 minutes later he would be muddy again. All of the kids were that same way! The first day I was mad and frustrated about it. I finally asked Bergen why he wouldn't stay out of it and he said because it was so much fun. Then I figured out I just needed to embrace the muddy mud. It was better after that, well not the mud, he was still muddy, but my attitude was better. 

The men took their dirt bikes riding on nearby the mud :) Travis had a good time doing that.
The girls took the kids thru the mud to the lake, kept the kids entertained, oh and cleaned up a lot of mud :) Have I mentioned the mud?! All mud aside, we had a great time and were so glad we could go!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Owen FOUR Months Old

15 lbs. 5 oz. (42nd %)
26.88 inches (97th %)

One morning just before 6am I heard Owen moving around and making spitting noises in his crib. When I got up to check on him I discovered he had rolled over!! Apparently he was having fun playing and enjoying his new ability. He's growing up so fast! Later that day we all watched Owen roll over again. We all cheered and were super excited. Then Bergen asked in a very excited voice as he jumped up and down, "can he run now??" Haha! No not quite. One thing at a time. He can't wait to get to run around and play with baby!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bug Birthday

It was a toss up between a bug party and a soccer party. I had come up with some fun ideas for the bug theme so I kind of convinced him that would be more fun :) It was a lot of fun even though I kept wondering why I want to do things that require so much work for me! I guess I just can't help myself. The kids got to make a bug, they hunted for and collected bugs (not real ones, plastic ones!), and had a bug pinata. Travis and I made this special green bug pinata ourselves. It was an important request by Bergen and I can understand why. As he explains, they are so cool because you get to whack them and then you get candy. Of course! How can you go wrong there?! :)