Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Sneak Peak?

These are some of my favorite "kid Travis" pictures. Do you think our baby boy will look anything like him? Time can only tell :)

A Celebration Dinner

I had a doctors appointment on Thursday and the doc said it won't be long! So we decided to take advantage of the night and go out for my birthday (even though it isn't for another week and a half). We had so much fun together just being our silly selves! I'm so glad that Travis and I are still such good friends and can have fun together just like we did when we were dating in college!

Inadament Objects Don't Have Feelings

If they don't have feelings, why do I think they are as sad to go as I am sad to see them go? In preparation for the baby, we...we...we sold our truck a couple of weeks ago (sniff sniff). Yes, it's true. I cried and was very sad! I also felt like it was sad to leave us. How could it not be...
Here's a sample of what fun crazy memories we have of it :) We loved this thing, and if circumstances had permitted, I would've kept it until it died!
Speaking of dying...we finally took the plunge after many years of consideration, and traded in the Infiniti for a more reliable family car. This is the car Travis got after his mission. He's had it for 10 years! Talk about memories. It's been from Utah to Idaho and back regularly, to California to Virginia, back to Utah, to Oregon and back several times, then to Texas and on to Florida and back. We racked up a mere 181,000 miles in that time. But it was time to say goodbye. The poor paint was peeling, the windshield was cracked, the back bumper was wired on, the radio worked on it's own terms, 2 wheels were bent, the brakes were a little sketchy, the original clutch was bound to go soon, and the transmission was a ticking time bomb. All that being said, I felt bad to leave it, like it thought we were just dumping it! Travis finally convinced me it was old and tired. It had lived a good life and was ready to be done and rest now. That made me feel much better :)

Now that I've divulged my secret that I worry about the feelings of inadament objects, you're probably not surprised to know I had to play equally with all my stuffed animals as a kid because I didn't want any of them to feel left out. Truthfully I thought I would have out grown that kind of thing by now...but I guess not :) 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Finished Project

The day before I spent some time in the hospital, I finally finished this sewing project! Good thing I finished it then, otherwise it might never have gotten done :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Throwing The Textbook Out The Window

My textbook pregnancy that is. Last Friday I went in for a regular doctors appointment...and it lasted 3 days long! This is me on Monday happy to be going home.
Long story short, it somehow came up at my appointment that I thought I had had a few contractions lately. From there it's all a bit of a blur, but after being on the monitor for a while in the office, I was sent upstairs because apparently I was having them...every 2-3 minutes! I thought surely I would be going home soon, then I was feeling a little nervous, and then I was scared...I can't have this baby yet, I'm not ready! (Besides, we have dinner plans, and Travis is supposed to work early in the morning!) Over the next three day I had an IV pumping me with magnesium, potassium, and antibiotics, 6 samples of blood taken, a morphine shot, regular doses of procardia in pill form and terbutaline in shot form, a shot of steroids, a sonogram, and a few other things I'll spare you readers from having to read...and that's just the things I can remember :)

I was sent home with instructions to rest and continue taking the terbutaline. Lucky for me I was still allowed to shower, be up for meals, and be on the couch if I wanted. Not too bad really, especially since Travis stayed home from work all week and listened to all my "can you pleases?" Thanks Trav! I love you so so so much!

Today I had a follow up appointment and good news...things checked out well. The doctor has decided to keep me on half bed rest so I can go out and get some things done (for every hour I'm up, spend one hour down) until my next appointment in a week. After that no more restrictions. I'm supposed to keep taking my medicine for about another week and a half. At that point I'll be 36 1/2 weeks and we'll just let things happen on their own. (Now watch, I'll never go into labor and eventually have to be induced!)