Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Storm

This week has been the coldest it's been in 15 years. Schools and most of the area has been pretty much closed down for 4 days. Monday I actually did some shopping in anticipation of the storm and I'm glad I did. Tuesday our garage was frozen shut and there was snow and several inches of ice covering the ground. The airport shut down and so did most of the metroplex. Wednesday wasn't much better, and Thursday we got more snow. Travis did manage to slide to the airport on Thursday so he could head to work. The 25 minute drive took him an hour and a half. It's been pretty crazy out there but I'm happy to say Bergen and I stayed nice and warm inside and have survived 5 days without leaving home.

Tuesday Bergen wasn't taking no for an answer to go outside. So finally we sent him out and he was back in about 30 seconds. Ok I know he isn't well bundled, but we didn't want to be out there so that was kind of the point.
The guilt has been eating at me long enough. Today I spend almost a half hour getting us bundled up and we went out to play in the snow. Glad I did too because it's finally above freezing temperatures and the snow is melting fast! Bergen's got 2 pairs of socks pulled up to his knees, a shirt, footie pajamas, jeans, two jackets and gloves (it was the best I could come up with).
And for accommodate the extra layers, a pair of 3 sizes too big Sunday shoes I had packed away in the closet. And a good thing too because nothing else was working. I'm happy to report his feet stayed dry AND warm!

He's got the snowball down. See steps 1-4 below: find good snow, pick it up, bring the arm back, and launch.
Humans must be born with this intuition because I did NOT show him! He did it all on his own! I was cracking up and he thought it was really funny to feed me the snow. After this initial test Bergen would put the snow in his mouth but spit it out. Must have been too cold :)
'No-min" building...
...and "no-min" throwing.

We were out there for almost an hour before he wanted to come back in. So glad I finally got the motivation to get us out there and make another fun memory together!
Mommy sure loves her Bergen!
And just like that I've forgotten all about the food that's been purposely thrown onto the floor, the toys that have been dumped out, the fits over not getting to play with a cup and the water spout on the fridge, and the train that made solid contact with my cheek bone while saying prayer. It's nice to have moments to forget these kinds of things...for however long that moment may be :)

Story Telling

I wish oh wish I knew what this story was about! All I know is that it's pretty funny and if I had to take a guess it was something about driving and maybe an airplane. I grabbed the camera to catch his yogurt face but kept clicking as his story went on. Travis and I just stood there laughing!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Wrap Up: Makeup - Rice - BIG Mess

This should probably be 3 separate posts, but the pics are already here so we'll just go with it.

Sorry future Bergen, yes your mom let you put on makeup just this one time. In my defense, you did it to yourself. It's not like I sat you up and gave you a makeover :) Ok, yes Bergen has makeup on. Naturally he's very interested in my makeup bag and it's a regular occurrence to keep him out. Well this particular morning I just let it go. He sat on the counter while I was getting ready and instead of encouraging him to play with the toothbrushes and floss I let him do his thing. He followed what I was doing very well. I finished using something, dropped it in the bag, he pulled it out, and copied what I had just done. I wish I had a video of him trying to curl his eyelashes. Now that was some funny scrunched up faces :) Voila! This is his transformation. Eyeshadow, liner, and blush. Can you tell he's very right handed :)
What do you think? Considering, it could've been a lot worse!

Brilliant idea I had! Ok maybe I read it somewhere, I can't remember. It's like a mini indoor sandbox. Some rice, some utensils, a cup, and some toys to burry. It was a very entertaining 45 minutes! I was even having fun. And then he figured out throwing handfuls of rice off the table was slightly more fun. Bummer :) It was good while it lasted. After cleaning up a blanket of rice on the kitchen floor I discovered it was probably less than 1/3 of a cup that we lost...but 1/3 of a cup sure can cover a lot of area!

BIG Mess
Bergen was having a snack when I got a phone call. I was talking where I could see his head, but I never seemed to notice what his hands were doing. It must have been an intense call, except I forgot what it was all about once I saw this. All the goldfish crushed and scatted on the floor. He was trying to get them into the trash can, right? I'll go with that one :) And even though this NutraGrain bar was on the table, he managed to reach it and mush every last piece of it between his fingers. Oh Buggy! You silly boy! Of the handful of words he says, mess is one of them. I wonder why...or do I? :)

Movie Night

I wish I remembered to do this more often! I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but Bergen LOVES to help in the kitchen (yes, there was sarcasm there). In fact he's even started pulling out multiple items to be used when making, or when he wants to eat something specific. And he's got all the right items for the job too! Usually I take the hint, although the morning I was getting dressed in the closet and he brought me a pot and a box of macaroni & cheese I held off until lunch to make that. So when I think about it, it works great to make popcorn and spend a few quiet moments on the couch together before getting ready for bed. Bergen sits for a few shows, but without fail he requests to watch trains! So glad I can record them so they are easily accessible for our movie nights :)

I love how he's saying "cheeeeeese", but still watching the TV.
He does excellent with a cup now. Unless he's confined to his seat I still prefer water in it though...just in case. He looks so grown up!