Friday, September 12, 2008


When we get that itch to decorate and we've decided on that perfect plan, I always think getting it all together will be so much fun and exciting! Travis says the only part he likes is the end result. But after 3 days of painting, and the house being turned upside down, and exhaustion has taken over, even I'm good for a while...well, at least a few months...maybe :) 

Our bedroom now has a wall of Raging Sea, and our bathroom is equal parts of Vulcan Grey and Silvery Moonlight. I know they are equal parts because one was going to be too dark and the other would have been too light. Oh, if only there was something in between...ding! (light bulb turning on over our heads) let's mix them! So we did, 1 cup for 1 cup in our Pyrex measuring cup. Resourceful I know!

Travis was also working on making 1000 flash cards for an upcoming checkride, which we finally finished by the way. He spent most of this time working on that, and came to help only when I needed a boost of energy to carry on. Since I was in there with those paint fumes for a good chunk of myself, I had a crazy realization. For some reason, in my head, painting is a little like running. I start having odd, then weird, and then finally really annoying conversations in my head, and I can't stop! That's why I always run with some tuneage (remember that word?) these days. Anyway, my favorite conversation was about painting around the toilet. I hate the toilet, I don't want to touch the toilet unless I have to! And yet I find myself spending time with the toilet in ways I would never imagine without a paint brush in my hand...Like giving it a hug for example, or cuddling up next to it, just to get every square inch behind the tank where no one will EVER see. It's disgusting! Yuck! I almost want to take a shower just thinking about it! Oh well, I guess everything needs a little TLC once and a while, even if it is a toilet.