Monday, June 25, 2012

I not a chair!

Just something funny from the week. 

Bergen was having a major fit one morning, trying to hit me and slamming the toilet seat (we were in the bathroom) so I laid him on the floor and kind of sat on him (not with my weight, just enough to hold him in place) to try and calm him down. In the middle of his crying he was yelling at me, "Don't sit on me mommy! I not a chair! Don't sit on me! I not a chair! Gig off a me!" 

I actually thought this was VERY funny because lately he has found pleasure in putting his feet all over me, and occasionally the computer while it is on my lap. I have been telling him, "Do not put your feet on me! I am not the floor!" Guess he really had picked up on that and was able to reuse the principle. Silly boy! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

First Fruits (actually veggies) of Our Garden Labors

Here it is! A cucumber.
This is what our garden is looking like these days.

Bergen got to pick the cucumber. It was kind of poky! He had to be careful :)
He's choice of pose to show off the cucumber.

Day at Cabelas

A friend told me about the Cabela's Family Outdoor Day and convinced me to go. After a lazy week I got myself to get us there and boy am I glad I did! This was so right up Bergen's alley!

He got to shoot a BB gun, listen to a fireman presentation, throw balls at a dunk tank, dig for fossils in the sand, got a couple of coloring books, got a piggy bank, went into a big camping tent with lots of butterflys, shoot a bow and darts, got a t-shirt, painted a fishing lurer, saw the stuffed animals and fish tanks, watched a barnyard race with a chicken, bunny, and turtle, sat on lots of driving machines (tried to start them all), AND go fishing for the first time. All that in 3.5 hours! The best part was it was ALL FREE! Can't beat that for a fun filled day.

Later in the day I asked Bergen what his favorite thing was. "I wike shooting gun best!" I thought maybe fishing would win, but nothing is better than a boy and his gun I guess. Anyway I think fishing was a close second :)

Here's Bergen shooting the gun. We had to wait a while and it was hard to be patient be he did a good job. Somehow he just knew how to hold it and where to look. It was so cute. He did it three time during the day, and each time the workers helping him got a big kick out of him.

They had fishing poles and bait for us to use. We kept the hook close to the docks at first because the fish were hiding under there. After a bit of time Bergen actually caught a fish! He was really excited at first and I hurried to take his picture. By the time the worker came to help us Bergen was much more hesitant about the fish. I did get him to touch it with one finger but he didn't need any more contact than that :) From then on we sent the rest of our time casting the line out "really far" and reeling it in "really fast." We didn't catch any more fish but Bergen was having fun, and as the worker put to, that was what was important.

There was kayaking too. I wish I was brave enough to have tried that with Bergen on my own, but I wasn't :) Bergen was one exhausted little boy and very sad to leave when it was time. He still thinks the fish was cool, but shooting guns was definitely the highlight for him!

Friday, June 8, 2012

3 Year Checkup

Bergen had his 3 year checkup. 

He weighs 30 pounds (25%) and is 34 3/4 inches tall (10%).

He was very calm the whole time we were at the doctors, and did a good job doing what they asked him to do. Although the doctor did have to promise him a sticker to get him to take the deep breaths. The doctor would say big breath, and Bergen would say, "No. I'm fine." It was kind of funny. For the vision test Bergen had to say what shapes the nurse was pointing to. There was a house, a heart, and for the circle Bergen said it was a moon. I thought that was cute. He would say, "I don't know" for the square. I'm not sure why but at least he was consistent. At the end of the appointment the doctor said "He's a delight." I already knew that though :)

He put the gown on at first, but it only lasted until just before the doctor came it. Oh and the receptionist, the nurse, and the doctor all gave Bergen compliments on his hair! I always find that funny.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

String Airplane

I planned an activity for Bergen and I the night before I wanted to do it. Probably a first. We soaked string in glue and made airplanes, fish, and tried to make a star with nails as our guide. It didn't work quite as nicely as I was hoping, and quite frankly we were both burned out before we accomplished much, but it was an hour we spent outside, in the open garage, on a rainy day. At least it was better than watching TV so I count it as a success.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's A Lot Like Summer

Just hanging out in the backyard this week
Travis and Bergen riding bikes to the park. I notice people watching and smiling at Bergen on his bike. When I saw him from away I realized how little he really does look and how cute it is. So I drove after them with the camera to take a picture.
Bergen enjoying a little float time at the pool.
He also "dives" for objects in the bathtub.

Just some stories from the week...

Despite Travis working a 5 day trip, and doing that and 6 day trips for the next month, we had a decent week :) Several days I was pretty unmotivated to do much of anything. I am happy to say one of those days turned out to be very productive, not in the cross chores off my list sort of productive, but the mommy and Bergen busy productive. He was loving it and at the time it was that or do nothing, so I embraced that it would be a mommy and Bergen day and went to playing. We played trains, legos, potato head, puzzles, made strawberry banana popsicles, played at the water table, had lunch outside, read stories, and that was all before nap time. It was kind of nice to just focus on him without worry about other things. And in the end I did vacuum the bedrooms and do dishes...which is probably about all I wouldn't gotten done during the day anyway had I been trying all day to get those things done :) Lesson learned. Once and a while, just play.

Bergen doesn't always go right to sleep after we put him to bed. One night I noticed the light had been turned back on so I secretly checked on him. At 9:33pm he was laying on his bed with a helicopter and a car, making conversation between the two. I really wished he was asleep, but it was very cute. At 10:13pm I checked on him again. This time I found him standing on the dresser to decorate the wall with glow in the dark stars. "It's really pretty cool!" Funny but getting ridiculous :) Thankfully he soon drifted off to sleep after that.

Travis got home one evening with enough time to shower and go to the store for milk before leaving on our date. We got home just before midnight. The next morning Travis left at 6:40am to go back to work (motorcycle that day thankfully). When Bergen woke up I went into his room. He said, "hi daddy, oh you're not daddy." I said, "I'm sorry sweetheart daddy went back to work." "No he's not. I go find him." I sat in his room while he walked to our room. Sobs! He came back, crawled onto my lap and cried for a few minutes. So stinkin' sad! 

Date Night on the Lake

Several months ago our ward did a scout auction dinner. The scouts (or their moms) make a dessert to auction off and ward members offer services or other items others can bid for and that money goes to the scouts. I usually go and pay my $5 or $10 for dinner and feel that is support enough. Well this year I happened to be sitting at a table that had people who were very willing to spend others money. Before I knew it the "table" had purchased a dessert and I owed $13. It wasn't even a dessert I really wanted to eat. Shortly there after the "table" also bought cake balls. I really don't like cake balls and neither does Travis! So I said that's it! If they are not going to let me just enjoy the pathetic taco dinner and call it good, I might as well buy something I'll enjoy. Teemants were also at the table and when a dinner and boating for 6 people came up we quickly decided we should go for it. So for $80 (split between the two of us) we had ourselves an outing. 

After one reschedule and one close call due to stupid, I mean awesome work, we went on the outing the first weekend in June. We decided not to take the boys and make a date out of it. The two boys had a babysitter at Teemants house, but I think they both wanted to go. After Bergen saw pictures he said he wanted to do that. He also pointed to an empty space in one of the pictures of Travis and I on the boat and said, "that's Bergen right there"...hmmm :) We met the Williams at Grapevine Lake which is about half an hour away. They were RVing there and grilled up some very tasty hamburgers for us at their campsite. Just before sunset we got on the boat and went around the lake for a couple of hours. It was great weather and temperature, relaxing, good company, lots of laughs and joking around, and so much better than watching TV on a Saturday night! Bro. Williams is the kind of person that really gives you a hard time if he likes you. At one point he said when this trip came up again next year, don't buy it! Trying to say he didn't like us, which really meant he really did like us. I said oh I don't know I was thinking we should make it a tradition. He laughed and said we could come anytime. By the end of the night he kept talking about going again and next time bringing the boys, then talked about that again at church the next day. So I guess the Teemants and us weren't so bad afterall. It was also nice to be on a date, something we don't do often enough. Between the auction and the babysitter it was probably one of the most expensive if not THE most expensive date we've ever been on but so much fun!