Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here's A New One For The Books - In The Toilet

We just got back from a very early morning of dropping Travis off at the airport. I was in Bergen's room when I heard him crying. I ran to our room to see he had snuck into our bathroom and this is what I found (I was very happy his feet were in the toilet and not his head!). I'm not sure how he got himself into this predicament, but I couldn't help but laugh to myself as I realized he had flushed the toilet while standing in it, and apparently that was a very funny feeling!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Trip

We know this route well, but this time it was by air. Bergen and I went to Utah all by ourselves the end of August. I was very proud of myself for parking in the employee lot, getting ourselves and our bags to the shuttle, riding the shuttle into the airport, getting our bag checked, going thru security, riding Skylink an extra stop just for Bergen's enjoyment, and waiting for our flight, only to have to wait another 3 hours for the next flight because the sppeeshal sthandbys (I say it that way because this perk of Travis' job isn't always that great of a perk!) didn't make it on the first one. We did get on the second flight though and it was a peaceful enough 2 1/2 hour flight there...except Bergen didn't fall asleep the whole day...which means I was even more exhausted than he was :)
The best part of that day though was meeting Travis that evening at a hotel in Salt Lake because ironically enough, he had an overnight there. Without a nap and as long of a day as it had been for Bergen, I shouldn't have been amazed at how quickly he turned that hotel room upside down, but I was! There's nothing even in those rooms, but oh did he find things to get into. For example: we must have gone thru at least half a box of tissues, both phones were unplugged and strewn across the floor along with remotes and throw pillows, and neither one of us could keep things in our suitcases! Yikes! Let's just get to bed!
Travis had a very early morning ("way before I even know how to read a clock" early!) so he was up and gone by the time Bergen and I got up. Since we didn't have too much for dinner the night before I knew we needed to get some food in Bergen quick before he started going crazy...again! I got us dressed and looking presentable and figured we'd go down and eat breakfast then come back up, finish getting ready for the day, and pack our things up. Well it's at that moment I can't find the room key ANYWHERE! Are you kidding me?!? It's not like I can ask the front desk for another key either since we're staying in an airline reserved room and the crew left hours ago...hmmmm. So it's finish getting ready and packed, and able to cary (actually I mean juggle) our things to the car all in one load because once we leave we're not getting back in the room. It was very crazy and a race against time but we did it! And even had 4 minutes to spare before they stopped serving breakfast :) Nothing like cutting it close right?
The day did get better though! Bergen and I spent the day in Provo moving my brother into the dorms at BYU, seeing my sister that just got home from a mission in Navuoo, and hanging out with my mom.
SIDE NOTE: when I talked to Travis later in the day I found out he had shoved the room key into his book as he went out the door. He needed a bookmarker and just grabbed the handy piece of paper envelope thing that was next to the book (it just happened to also have the keys in it). He did feel really bad for the crazy morning it caused though. And all that time I thought Bergen sure did a good job of hiding it in a room where there's not much space for something to be hidden.
My sister Kellene, and my college brother Andrew.
Later in the week when Travis had finished work, he joined us in Utah and we got to spend lots of time with his family too, just nothing quite so eventful as the hotel stay :) Although Travis and I both had our teeth worked on (thanks to our most wonderful, favorite dentist!). On my day there wasn't a spare pair of eyes to watch Bergen so he came to the office with me, and I was really dreading what kind of adventure that was going to be. But believe it or not, he was perfect! I won't brag that my child is perfect very often, but for this he was. He sat in his stroller in the corner of the room with a sippy cup, a container of snacks, and a toy to hold, for over an hour and just watched. He didn't even make a single peep! Nothing like having your child perform their best in front of grandpa...makes him think you really have a good handle on your kids. Hehehe! If only he really knew :)
Travis' grandparents have this swing in their backyard and this time Bergen wanted to play on it. For some reason when your kids find something you haven't done in years, you're all of a sudden reminded of the fun again. Funny how that works!

He liked swinging with Dad...
...but not so much with Mom...
...he'd rather be next to Mom. So he can look at my beautiful face as he goes by, right? :)
There is one thing Travis will probably never ever need our kids to remind him of...need I say more :)

If I Were A Fisherman...

...this would be my catch of the day!
I've been meaning to put this one up for a few weeks now (sorry, I've been busy trying to finish some projects). So now that I'm thinking back on this incident, Bergen still climbs up onto the table plenty, but I think he pretty much always waits for one of us to get him off...I can't imagine why :)