Friday, March 23, 2012

Blue Bonnets

While I work on months of catching's some from today!

I've never been into taking wildflower pictures even though they are a very big deal here in Texas and everyone talks about them. But I got talked into it today. Bergen and I went with 2 friends and some of their kids to a field full of them in Denton. Bergen had fun running around, surprise surprise! And I will say, even in flowers he's pretty cute.

One of my favorites of the day.
Another one of my favorites.
Love his eyelashes!
I just liked his chill, hands in the pockets pose :)
His pants are soaked but his face is happy!
I've never seen him sit this still for an actual 2 whole seconds! He's so serious about holding those flowers. Funny!
Jumping off the chair was probably his favorite part of the photo shoot.
This endless running around would explain his wet pant legs...oh and the puddles in the parking lot.
There. Now I've done it. Pictures in the Blue Bonnets. We're real Texans now.