Thursday, June 10, 2010

S'more Summer Fun!

We love being outside and Bergen is no exception to that! The weather the last couple of days has been wonderful! In fact so wonderful we ate our dinner in the backyard last night. As we were finishing up we thought, "Hey! We should do s'mores!" So we did :)
Bergen explores the entire backyard now. He plays on his slide, checks out all the flower beds, tests out the facet and hose, and walks along the fence...oh and how could I forget, occasionally has a taste test of the earth, mainly grass or dirt. One of the best things about eating outside is that there was nothing to sweep up when we were done! I think he liked eating dinner outside, don't you? What a happy face.
Travis was showing off his crazy roasting skills. Bergen thought he was very funny.
Eating our yummy s'mores.
I wish we had this kind of weather all the time! We love hanging out in the yard.