Wednesday, September 28, 2011


In memory of a good friend, Kirsten, who lost her battle to cancer, I got to run with a bunch of friends in the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition 5K in our area. It was such a good turn out. Almost 50 of Kirsten's friends and family members all coming together to remember her.

I got to design the shirts we wore. I asked her husband if he had any ideas or thoughts on what he wanted the shirt to say. He decided to leave it up to me. Hmmm, ok :) I had several ideas but kept coming back to the idea of a dandelion being blown into the wind. Kind of like being spread abroad and continuing on as a symbol of her touching so many of our lives. But I couldn't figure out how to say that eloquently (obviously as I try to explain it here). I was looking at her Facebook page and read "I know our family has been so blessed. I feel the love of my friends, family, Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ, more than ever. I know we will look back on this year and recognize it as a time to rise to the occasion and overcome." That's it I thought! A time to rise to the occasion and overcome. So then I went to her blog to see if I could find anything else. I'd looked at her blog before, but it had been a really long time. Much to my surprise (or maybe not really a surprise), was a dandelion at the top of the page. Love it. That's what I had to do. People seemed to like it and hopefully it also helps them to think of Kirsten, her example, and how she has influenced our lives for good.

Travis was at work, but Bergen and Uncle Tyler were there to cheer me on and give hi-fives as I ran past. This race was a good warm up for the Ragnar race in DC the following weekend, which made September a big running month for me!

Backyard Camping

The weather has finally started to cool off a little in the evenings. We decided to do some backyard camping. Travis and Bergen set up the tent together. Bergen had fun playing in the tent, but when it was time to settle down to go to sleep, he couldn't really grasp that concept. Travis and I both tried our best to keep our patience and encourage Bergen to sleep. We read stories, we laid in the dark, we sang songs, Travis and I got jumped and walked on, and we laid in silence hoping Bergen would get the idea. But at long past 10pm and another (yup there was more than one) escape from the tent by Bergen, I decided if you can't beat 'em, join em. So in the dark I climbed onto the trampoline after Bergen and yes, jumped. At that moment being the fun mommy seemed easier than being the follow through with the plan mommy. Bergen thought it was so fun. After a little bit Bergen and I went in the house and I put Bergen to bed in his room. Then I went to sleep on my comfy bed. But since Travis went to all that work to put the tent up, he didn't want to waste it, and slept out there by himself. Hopefully our next camping adventure goes a little better and lasts a little longer. Course this shouldn't be too hard to beat :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


While doing the dishes, I looked over towards the table. I noticed all these little handprints leftover from lunch. It was a moment that I soaked up the joy of having a little one in the house, knowing that some day he will be big, and I will eventually miss things like these little hand prints on my table. I love my little Bergen!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jumping in a Texas Rainstorm

Not even a Texas rainstorm could stop this jumper.

The backdoor was opened and Bergen wanted out. I tried to convince him it was too wet, but then decided, why not? Let's see what happens.

So out he went! And when he was done I was waiting at the back door with a towel to wrap him up.

He was happy, and so was I.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bubble Bath

Not sure why, but it took me until this summer to give Bergen a proper bubble bath. He thought it was super cool, and really liked looking at his bubble face in the mirror. He also liked "simming" in it. His little facial expressions just melt my little heart. I think it was a huge success!

The Rest of July 2011

Time for a little catch up!

One day Bergen was playing with items on the kitchen counter. He eventually ended up with these things in the toaster oven. I thought it was kind of funny, a little bit cute, and such a classic "busy Bergen" activity. So I took a picture!
This was on Travis's birthday. Bergen is just starting to get the idea to say, "cheeeeese" for a picture. I love this one because it shows his big eyes and long eyelashes.
This orange fence can only mean one thing, we are loosing that great empty field next to our house. Yup, that's right, a new house is finally being built on the empty lot. Would it be bad to say I'm heartbroken to loose the view from the side window? I have always loved being in the living room at the back of the house and being able to see the street. I made me feel like we were apart of the neighborhood, even though we were hiding out in the house.
And Travis and Bergen will be very sad to miss this great space for driving RC trucks. They made good use of it while they could!
This is a new one. Bergen carried the little white chair from the office into the laundry room so he could reach the things on the washer. Oh boy!