Thursday, January 15, 2009


Travis was flying Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve, so we had our Christmas Eve on Monday and Christmas the Tuesday before the 25th. We did such a good job faking it, we didn't feel like we were missing anything by not actually being together on the 25th.

On OUR 24th, we woke up and had little smokies for breakfast, a tradition from my family (the little smokies are actually for my mom's birthday...yup mom's birthday is the day before Christmas...but this tradition that now feels like part of the Christmas routine really is in honor of her. Hope she doesn't hate hearing that too much!) We made cookies that day, maybe a tradition we will continue together. And ended the day with a family movie (The Tales of Despereaux), a tradition from Travis's family.
This is our glowing Christmas tree...or should I say trees. If I had to buy a fake tree, it better have been super cute! (I grew up surrounded by a Christmas tree field, fake trees were never an option!)
This is us on OUR Christmas morning.
After opening presents, we headed to the doctors for our sonogram. It was so nice of them to open up their office for us on Christmas! hehe! This is how excited Travis was...
...and this is how excited I was!
We finished off the day with a delicious Christmas dinner. I think we probably spent the entire dinner trying to think of boy names we liked. We've had girl names picked out for probably 5 years, but never any boy names...and we're still wondering...what will we come up with???
What a wonderful Christmas!

Pregnant Pics

Why I'm doing this to myself, I'm not sure! This is what I looked like at 21 weeks 
Some clothes are definitely better looking than others. So far this is probably my favorite sweater. On my last trip to Oregon, my nephew was playing with The Bernstein Bears figurines, and I've decided Mama bear and I look very similar...nice round belly, nice round bum! Nobody warned me my bum would expand at the same rate as my tummy! Oh well, you can only control so much of what your body decides to do I guess.