Thursday, September 24, 2009

Something to Celebrate

The past 6 weeks Travis has been in training to fly a different jet. Well, he survived it and passed his checkride this week! Good Job Trav! To celebrate we had lunch at Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q. When Travis was a private pilot he flew to Stephenville a lot and the Hard Eight there quickly became a favorite.
So the good news is Travis is excited to be flying a different jet and to be past the training portion of it. The bad news is he will now be based out of Chicago. The good news is we are not moving there. The bad news is he will be commuting there, an extra flight before and after every trip. It's obviously not ideal but hey, we still have a job!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Since Bergen's blessing we've been busy busy busy! Before Bergen came along I'd say we got to see family members 1-2 times a year. In the last 4 months we've gotten to see them tons! Hmm, what does that say about just Travis and I? :)

Saturday before Bergen's blessing we went to the Dallas Temple to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Some even took a little nap under this very comfortable tree.
Joshua still likes to hold Bergen!
Saturday night we enjoyed some good eatin' at Babe's Chicken (sorry no picture for that). Then we went home to prepare for Sunday and enjoy some cranberry milkshakes for dessert. Helen and I usually do so much, we thought we would give the boys a chance to help out in the kitchen. Joshua even pitched in by entertaining Bergen.
Grandpa Linton spending time with Bergen before he had to head back home.
Monday some of us went to the Dallas Arboretum. There is a lot to see there! Three hours and a picnic lunch and we only covered half of the gardens.
Bergen sure was a trooper. It wasn't long after this picture that he settled down for a nap in the stroller.

Tuesday we went swimming before we had to talk Grandpa Bjarnson to the airport. Bergen was as content as could be hanging out it the water. Too bad I let one of his elbows and his little legs get sunburned, his calves of all places! I'm still trying to figure out how that got sunburned but not his face or arms. Does that give me one vote towards the bad mom award?

Wednesday I went home with Helen to San Angelo where we stayed until Sunday. Travis came down Saturday night just in time to watch the BYU football game at Double Dave's pizza. We had a big screen tv almost all to ourselves. (By the way, Double Dave's is really good pizza if you ever get the chance.)

Joshua and Bergen having fun together Sunday morning before church.
I know they almost look like the same size here, but Bergen still has a ways to go before he catches up to Joshua...if he ever does. Hey, you never know, maybe some tall genes will find their way out.
This stroller is for a little doll, but Bergen fits nicely. I'm very happy to report Joshua didn't try to dump him out like I've heard he does with his doll baby. What a nice cousin!
After church Travis was playing with Bergen and got him laughing. I just love his little giggles.
We were home for a few days before Bergen and I flew to Oregon. We wanted to catch seeing my sister Kellene before she went off to BYU Hawaii for her 4th year. Travis was also busy training for a different jet, so we thought this would give him some good quality study time.

My mom was getting her hair cut and we all went to cheer her on. There was a park nearby that Bergen got to play on. Well, ok, mostly just look around and watch the other people, but he was having a good time. I think the swing was his favorite, but the slide was fun too.

Kel and Bergen...he wanted her yogurt so badly!
Have fun at school Kellene! Good luck in your fitness for death, I mean life class. :)
My mom takes a weekly shift at the genealogy library at the church. We went with her and I worked on a sewing project (pictures of that to come later...probably way later, like when I finish decorating Bergen's room) and Bergen had some quality time with his rings that he likes so much.

One day we picked apples in the yard. Bergen enjoyed being outside and watching the dogs run around.
Bergen really liked smiling, laughing, and playing with Grandma and Grandpa! The whole trip he was such a good little boy. Although he did have 4, yes 4 poopy diapers on our way home. One of which required a change of clothes. Oh, my little sweetheart. It's a good thing you're so cute!
Andrew (he's a senior now, YIKES!) is in the pep band at school. Friday night we went to the football game to hear him play. He's actually a french horn player, but that night he was filling in with his trumpet.
Bergen's first football game. He wasn't a big fan of the pep band (nothing personal Andrew, you guys are just REALLY loud). When the band would start to play, if we weren't holding on tight to Bergen, he would get scared and cry. It just melted my heart, but man, what a cute face he has, even when he's crying.
So that's the last month in a nutshell. It sure has been nice to spend so much time with family, and the fun isn't over just yet either. Helen is due with their baby any day now so we will be seeing them again soon.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blessing Day

Travis was able to give Bergen a special blessing at church this last Sunday.

Grandpa Linton and Grandpa Bjarnson were able to make it for this special day, along with Aunt Helen, Uncle Brant, and cousin Joshua. Bergen's outfit is the same one my brother Andrew was blessed in 17 years ago.

Bergen was a good little boy for the blessing, not even making a peep. We are so grateful Bergen has joined our family! He is such a sweetheart and we love him very much.

Dad getting Bergen dressed.

Mom doing the finishing touches.

Grandpa Linton, Travis, Cynthia, Bergen, Grandpa Bjarnson, Brant, Joshua, and Helen.

I just love these big brown eyes...

and this little boy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Three Months Old

Time is flying by and Bergen is now three months old. We think he is just great fun and provides us with hours of entertainment.

He is now smiling all the time. Once he gave me a hearty laugh and a little squeal. That little laugh just melted my heart. Travis was at work so I grabbed the video camera so he could see it, but by then Bergen was done laughing. He's consistently sleeping at least 8 hours at night, which I'm loving! He's also getting pretty good at pushing his head and chest up while on his tummy.