Friday, August 29, 2008

RC Airplanes

When Travis isn't flying, one of his favorite hobbies is flying...remote control planes. He's always trying to get others into it because "it's just so much fun!" He can spend hours and hours building and rebuilding these things. He's got six of them hanging up in his room right now! It's been a few months since we've had any wrecks. I think we may be into some kind of record. Knock on wood! 

Fort Smith

Earlier this month, Travis had a long overnight in Fort Smith, Arkansas and I got to go with him. Really it's just an excuse to get in a cheap mini vacation together since the flight for me costs merely pennies and the hotel is free.

That spec of a person you can barely see out there is Travis preflighting the plane.
Turns out Fort Smith has a lot of historic sites to see all within walking distance of each other.
Despite the small distances, we still rode this fun bus for a drive by tour of all the was only a dollar! We were the only 2 passengers on the trip. Now if that isn't a little awkward for the tour guide, I don't know what it. The sweet old volunteer lady in the office asked us afterward if the mic was working for the tour guide. Apparently they were having problems with it earlier. We said, well, since it was just the two of us that's ok, it really wasn't necessary :)
One last picture, seconds before those dark clouds unleased some of the wettest raindrops I've ever experienced...and I'm from Oregon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rangers Baseball

The night I got back from Oregon, Travis and I went to a Rangers game with our friends, the Brownings, and Bret, Kylie and Jordan met us there. It was a nasty, hot, humid night (just check out the sweat on our faces) but a really fun game!

Rockaway Beach

One week ago my family and I were in the car on our way to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and then out to the Oregon Coast. This outing is a rather common adventure for our family, but I think we struck gold this time! Rockaway Beach is our (or at least my) new favorite spot to stay. It was a beautiful beach! Great for croquet, sand mer-men, sand half-women-half-horse, and sandcastles. We planned to stay overnight, but the best part was finding at the last minute a little condo with, what did Brant call it...oh yeah, an OCEANVIEW! Our back balcony steps went right out to the sand.

As kids we always played in the ocean, despite the average 50-55 degree water temperature. Well, this time we all got wet up to our knees, but not without excruciation pain. It's freezing! Why did I never notice this as a kid? I guess that's one indication that I am getting older...but not much older...just a little older :)

Poor Travis had to work and didn't get to come, but we thought about him. I even brought him home some sour salt water taffy!