Friday, February 6, 2009

26 Weeks

Yesterday was another week, which means another picture day. Not sure how many more of these I'll be willing to share, so be sure to really enjoy it! :)My favorite thing these days are to stop and pay attention to what the baby is doing inside. Just what is he doing in there? From the outside, sometimes I can feel his head, back, or bum (never sure which) pushing out. Occasionally I can feel a stick like object...probably an arm or leg but I'm really not sure :) And almost without fail, the baby enjoys a round of night games just before bed, and a session of morning stretches just before breakfast. This is all still pretty fun since the baby's muscles aren't too strong yet :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Checklists! I love checklists, to do lists, lists in general. But what I love even more than lists, is crossing things off my list! I have been known to make a list of things to do for myself at the beginning of the day, and if I end up doing something not on my list part way through the day, I'll add that item to my list (even though I've already done it) just so I can cross it off!

Travis was assigned his year's worth of vacation during January (that's another story I'll tell sometime).  So naturally Travis and I made a list of important things we should accomplish so the time didn't just get wasted away. These are some of the things we've been doing...
*  Cleaning up, organizing, and filing papers in the office. Both of our desks are in this room now, so really there was double the cleaning, organizing, and filing. Hmmm, maybe I should've had that on the list twice...Cynthia's half & Travis's half :)
*  Take Travis's uniform clothing to the dry cleaners. I'm under the impression most people he works with do this weekly. Poor Trav, he only gets it yearly. Sorry hun!
*  Reevaluate our insurance carrier. Are we paying to much? Is it time to make a switch? This was all Travis's hard work, calling and comparing. Thanks hun! I hate that kind of stuff. (And just in case you're wondering, it was time for a change.)
* Start painting the bedroom for the baby. 
*  Finish painting the bedroom for the baby. We went crazy in our color choice! Yup, our favorite neutral tan on three walls, and an almost milk chocolate brown on the forth.
*  Find a crib. It's not my favorite and I have permission to keep looking for a trade, but Travis thinks I'm a little picky and kind of hard to please in this department (ok, ok, so I've been known to be picky in a lot of different departments). This way Travis can stop worrying about it because he's been very worried about it, and he can stop checking craigslist everyday because he really has been checking it everyday. Now we have something and that's better than not having anything for when the baby does come. And if I want to keep looking that's fine, but Travis is done looking and me telling him, "Hmmm, probably not that one either." :)
* More shelves. Cut, paint, build, and calk more shelving in our closet...eventually for some extra food storage space. Travis did a great job don't you think?
* Saddest item of all...Get the truck ready and listed to sell. Now if someone would only want to buy it so I can stop dreading the awful day of "goodbye"!
Other items on our list included things like...
*  Sell old TV stand
*  Work on graphic design project (it was a menu for a cafe in Dallas)
*  Get baby gifts for friends and family having babies
*  Make, write, and send some thank you notes
*  Return wrong size of belt and socks to store
*  Work on our 2nd job (insurance billing)
*  Mend pocket ripping on jacket and alter too wide of a neck shirt
*  Pay bills
*  Cut coupons
*  Get groceries
*  Clean bathroom (hey, that's a workout these days)
*  Do dishes (actually, when there's lots of pots to hand wash, that's a workout too!)
*  Vacuum (this hurts my back too much now, so Travis gets this one all to himself...lucky!)

Some of the household chores are regulars on my lists, but I didn't want them to feel left out :) So in a nutshell, this explains what we do at home all day. I think I need a vacation from our vacation...Just kidding! I'm just glad we got so much done!