Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's that time of year again...BYU FOOTBALL! This year BYU played at TCU, which is in Fort Worth. If you missed this game, consider yourself lucky! It was nothing to cheer or even really get excited about. But it was still fun to get out and see some blue. 
Better luck next time Cougars!

Lots of Travis's family was at the game, although we all sat in different sections. At the end of the game we met up for a picture to go down in the books.

Alliance Air Show

Something fun on a Saturday afternoon. The air show came to an airport just a few miles from our home. We decided to park it across the freeway from the airport, right next to Cabela's. 
This is us with our bowl of popcorn and popsicles...waiting for something to happen.
This is everyone else...waiting for something to happen.
Finally, something happens! It was really fun to be close enough to have them flying right over our heads and to be able to see so much detail on the planes. Travis thought it was very cool, but doesn't feel the need to pursue this direction of aviation. I was happy to hear that :) Those guys do some pretty crazy stuff!
After the show, since we were so close to Cabela's we stopped in for a bite of fudge to top off the good weather, the entertaining show, and the great company...each other!

College Reunion

I went to BYU my freshman year knowing no one. I ended my freshman year knowing the best ones! A better freshman year  could not have been asked for. I met and made life long friends, and it was great to get together again!
Katie - from California, now living in Utah; Me - from Oregon, now in Texas; Emily - from Colorado, went back to Colorado (this girl just can't leave her mountains); Alycia - from Pennsylvania, now in Texas; Megan - from California, now in Arizona. We came and went to such diverse places, and yet we are still so close.
This trip really was all about the food. All our activities revolved around mealtime, and what we were eating! A night of southern cooking at Babes Chicken.
Wouldn't be complete without a little Mexican food at Joe T. Garcias!
We spent some time in Fort Worth enjoying things you only come across in Texas. Like longhorns taking a walk through town.