Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dance for the Camera

New Year's Eve was quite the night for us...well not really. In fact it was no different from any other ordinary night. Travis was at work and Bergen and I went to bed as regularly scheduled. Lame I know!

But Bergen was in the dancing mood that day. He must have known others were out partying it up and some were probably even dancing :) He was being so cute I wanted to record him, but wondered if getting up to get the camera was even worth it...since I rarely get what I want because he just wants the camera! For whatever reason I asked him if mommy could take his picture. He stops dancing, learns forward, and says, "Chit-chur?" And runs to the drawer with the camera. After getting the camera I was shocked when he ran back to position and resumed dancing. AND then he even performed for me! What a cutie :)
After his performance he wanted to see it. I think he watched 4 or 5 times on the camera screen pointing and laughing. I think he thinks he's cute too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

Once again Christmas came to our house a few days early this year since Travis was working. And then the craziest thing ever happened to us. Travis was in Chicago ready to go and got dumped off his trip Christmas Eve! So he miraculously made it home in time for dinner and we got to spend all of Christmas day together as a family...just too bad we had already opened all our presents a few days before :)

Here's our little 3 tree Christmas tree. I always worry that there won't be enough, but by the time I'm done shopping (and pretty much anything Travis and I buy for ourselves in the couple of months leading up to Christmas we just save and say, "here, you can give this to me for Christmas."), and presents have trickled in by mail, I'm always surprised at the big pile of presents. Note to self: don't forget this next year! Course I always say that :)
Us on our early Christmas morning.
Bergen likes to help daddy around the house with the "man" stuff.
And let's face it, I'm doing my best to raise a neat and tiddy child, on some days that goes well and Bergen helps mommy with the "keeping our home nice" stuff :) I love this and so does he. So much so when I can't stand the sound of the running vacuum any longer I actually have to hid it in the pantry.
A fun tent to play in....
...or hide...
...and the tunnel that connects to it for a side door escape route. I was climbing thru when Bergen chased after me and went up and over me on his own. It was pretty funny! This tunnel has already gotten lots of use. Bergen loves to be chased and using the tunnel to chase after him or surprise him on the other end has brought LOTS of giggles and happy screams.
Can a boy ever have too many planes, trains, and automobiles? I was really excited to get him these Chuggington trains! So far it's the only show he really watches more than a few seconds of and in the last couple of weeks he actually asks to watch it. That is he points to the TV or holds the remote, pumps his arm up and down, and says "choo choo."
If a boy can't have too many planes, trains, or automobiles, then he definitely can't have too many dump trucks and lion cars.
So this is a clip of Bergen's style of unwrapping: Get every little piece of paper off before worrying about what the present actually is.
Here it is again. Seriously, why do we wrap their presents still packaged up? We never look cool as we fumble and stumble to get it out! I'm just wondering? :)
I must say I was very impressed with my hubby this year! He did a fantastic job thinking of Bergen and I and actually getting a surprise for each of us on his own. I know he was very excited to give Bergen something that he would like playing with, and it was even more fun because I had no clue what it was. I just meant a lot to me to have him think of us and do something for us all on his own. Thanks hun! (But now you've sent a standard for yourself...hope you're up to again next year! *wink wink*)
What a fun Christmas! Mostly because of Bergen and the excitement I felt as I got things for him, and a secondly mostly because Travis got to be home, and a third mostly because we have awesome friends that brought us goodies and shared time and meals with us that even though we didn't get to be with any of our family this year we were not alone. We miss our family though and wish it were easier to spend time together more often!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Trampoline Time

Lately Bergen has taken extra interest in the trampoline. He loves "jumping" on it! I love that it's been nice enough weather that the boys can go out there and Bergen is plenty occupied during that getting hungry and tired time of the day, and I can make dinner quickly and peacefully. When they play outside I like to leave the door cracked open so I can hear them. I love it when Bergen comes to the door, leans in, and blurts out a paragraph of something, as if to check in with me and tell me what he's doing. Then he runs off to keep playing. It's so cute!
At the beginning of the winter he was not happy to be wearing long sleeves. He would pull at them and fuss, and footed jammies were also a no go! After Aunt Helen figured out he should see how cute he looked in the jammies and showed him in a mirror, he decided they were in fact pretty cool. Now he's fine with the long sleeves and has even taken a liking to hoodies. He frequently brings me one to put on and it HAS to be zipped up! And sometimes the hood has to be on his head too.
"Hey dad, look!"
"You have a zipper too!"
"Hi mom. I'm just having fun with dad."

Love my boys!

2010's Christmas Card & Letter

Just for fun, here is one of many pictures that didn't make the card this year :)
And when we finally had a good one, Bergen was MORE than happy to be done and get to play.
Doesn't he look so big?!