Saturday, November 30, 2013

Picture Highlights from November

A boy and his truck! I guess his shoes were not convenient to put on at the time...but daddy's were :)
Can we say climber?!?! 
Owen got his first hair cut. Just a trim off the top, literally. His extra long strip of hair down the middle was starting to get in his eyes.  
Bergen went outside with a water ballon. I told him not to get wet and he said ok. Not sure why I expected him to come back in looking like anything but this. As he walked through the kitchen stiff limbed I asked if he got a little wet. He said no. But we can all see he definitely did :)
It's a constant frustration to get Bergen to play with his toys on his own. One day I suggested we get rid of his toys since he didn't play with them. Instead of being worried that his toys would get thrown out and start playing with them, he thought that was a great idea. So he started gathering up all kinds of things he was willing to part with and put them in bags. He then proceeded to label them with price tags. And THEN he wanted to take them outside to have a garage sale. Lucky for me it was a weekday and I held him off on that plan since people only garage sale on the weekends. Not exactly the result I was going for, but it did get him to do something other than watch TV. We eventually threw out some of the junk stuff he had collected and put away the rest.
Oh Owie-cakes! Teething sure has been rough on your crib :(
Bergen does great with to do lists. Mostly because he can't remember what he's supposed to be doing from the time he leaves the kitchen to the time he gets to the bathroom. I finally made these charts and a bedtime chart to help him know what to do when we are getting ready for something. He really likes them. Now it's a lot more, "what's next on your list?" and less barking at him to get going!
Occasionally I have Bergen help me empty the dishwasher. This day he was really into it so I suggested he then load all the rinsed dirty dishes into the dishwasher. He was excited about it so I left him to it while I went and fed Owen. When I came back I found the dishwasher loaded and the sink empty. He did a great job, I was impressed!
I set these clothes out for Bergen to put on. I was so pleased he got right to it and dressed himself. Although this was not quite the order I had in mind. Puffer vest under, backwards long sleeve shirt over. He said it was just so soft and that's why he wanted the vest touching him. I've come a long way in wanting to control everything, because I let him keep it that way. All day. And we went out. And we saw a lot of people. The picture just doesn't do it justice because he looked just like a pouffy little marshmallow! He was so proud of it, and actually he got lots of compliments that day.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dum Dum Sucker

Owie-cakes got his first go at a sucker. Yes, striped down and in the tub! Just trying to make clean up easier :) Needless to say he liked it!

 And don't even think about trying to take it away!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Family Pictures Nov 2013

With Christmas card season just around the corner I wanted some new pictures to use, but wasn't ready for an official photography session of sorts. So kind of last minute we went out with a friend and took some pictures. I had a lot of fun taking the boys pictures, but one thing is for sure...I need to be faster :)

Sure love my family and all their cuteness!

It was super tricky to get a good family shot! But if we were only going to get one or two winners I think this is a pretty cute winner.
I'm sad this one came out blurry, but if it hadn't you can tell it would've been another really cute picture. So I'm sharing it anyway :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Owen Makes A Run For It

Saturday evening Bergen went outside and left the back door open. Owen crawled to the open door and sat there for a while. I could tell he wanted to go outside and was contemplating the step outside on his own. After a while I noticed he was gone so a few seconds later I got up and went to the back door. This is what I found. Owen had made it not only across the yard to the trampoline, but was climbing up onto the table! After Bergen not a whole lot surprises me when it comes to these kinds of things, but Owen actually surprised me that he was capable of this already! He tried really hard to get onto the trampoline and Bergen even tried to help pull him up the rest of the way. I finally put the camera down and went out there with them. Silly boys!

 (That's a long way to go so quickly!)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Few Picture Highlights From October

Boys just hanging out together. Owen didn't stay there long, but I sure enjoying these little brother moments!
Not even nine months old but I find him pulling himself up to stand next to things. Crazy!
Bergen contently playing with toys on his own is such a rare thing, I find myself pulling out the camera ever time I see him actually doing it.

Owen just wishing to be out there!
This was a sweet moment. Bergen had pulling the rocking chair into the room to be next to sleeping baby. He even rocked the swing for baby.
Man he's getting big! And quick too! He sees an open door and it's a race to explore the bathroom.
We were webcamming with the Olivers and the boys got silly. Bergen thought this was so funny. I love Helen's face on the computer in the background! She was trying to photo bomb this picture wasn't she?! :)
Travis loves Monopoly. Me not so much. But Bergen is getting more and more interested in games lately so the played together. I think Travis was in heaven :) 
Sweet sleeping baby snuggled up to the edge.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

End of Soccer Season

Soccer season has come to an end. The coaches had some things come up during the season so Travis and I got to help at some of the practices, and Travis even coached a few of the games. The last practice I was in charge of and a couple other parents helped out with the drills. On the way home that night Bergen said he liked me as the teacher the best. Aww thanks buddy! I guess all that moving I made them do they actually liked better than the standing in line that was happening during some of the previous practices. Overall though it was a fun experience for Bergen.

He really liked playing and we really liked watching him. It was fun to see him improve on some of his skills. He got a lot better at being able to get in front of the ball to turn it back around towards his goal, and did well by the end at kicking it away from the other team. He also ended up making a total of 4 goals over the season. We hadn't been keeping track so it was kind of funny when we discovered Bergen had. He was also excited to finally have gotten his trophy!