Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Olivers Visit

Three of the Olivers came to visit in May. There was lots and lots of playing, and lots and lots of things to keep the boys busy. In fact, I think Helen and I spent so much energy doing special things for the boys that come night time we were really too tired to spend much time working on our projects. Next time :)

A few highlight activities included making paper towel caterpillars, decorating cupcakes (see previous post), getting Sonic drinks (which Bergen poked a hole in and flooded his lap), taking walks, feeding ducks, playing trains, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, swimming, having a picnic, bubbles, squirt bottles, going to the zoo, and doing ink stamps...ok the stamps weren't really a highlight since it was unsupervised and ended up on clothes, bedding, and the carpet, but I can almost laugh about it now :)

Helen and I sewed some play fish and worked a little on our recipe collection. Our list was much longer, but I'm pretty sure that's about as far as we got.

I'm very excited to report we significantly cut down the amount of time it took to get the boys to bed compared to last time we were together! And I'm also excited to report that despite a few scuffles between the boys, Bergen really got to know and love his cousins more. He still talks about them and really likes seeing their pictures.

Feeding the ducks. I couldn't pass out the bread fast enough!
For little ones, it's quite the walk home. Bergen pulled the wagon almost the entire way! He even fell a few times trying to run with it and scraped up his knees, yet he continued to insist on pulling it himself.
We got to visit the zoo all together. Three strollers, three kids, three adults, and it was still a busy day :) We got to spend a few extra minutes with the bats due to some rain. Thankfully it was only a quick down pour and none of us got too wet. I liked watching the boys eat their lunch in front of the roaring lions. I'm not sure if Bergen had a favorite animal but his favorite part about the experience was probably running. Everything is about "running" with him these days!
Sometimes I feel like we live in a zoo. Sure Bergen, climb right in!
We spent lots of time in the backyard, most of it being silly.
Bergen hasn't been doing very well sitting in his seat for meals lately but he did great while Joshua and Nathan were here. I think he ate more that week than he usually does all month :) This was movie night.
And we couldn't end the visit without having some homemade popcorn. It's tradition!
When the kids get stir crazy, I say take them outside! Dinner and bedtime maybe later but look at the fun pictures we got.
It was lots of fun having the Olivers here! Bergen sure enjoyed having Joshua and Nathan to play with. Not only did I enjoy spending time with my sister and nephews, I also enjoyed having another adult home all the time and more than just Bergen and I to make meals for :) Even though we live far away I'm glad we got to spend some time together. The only downside is that it makes me wish we lived closer so we could do it more often. Come back soon!