Monday, August 17, 2009

Just When You Think

Just when you think you have things figured out, they change it up! What I mean by that is Bergen and I have a pretty good routine now, but every once and a while he keeps me guessing as to what I should be doing for him. You're probably all thinking, ahh yeah, get used to that :)

We (ok, mostly me) try to get to the pool a couple of times a week. It breaks up the day and I feel like Bergen has something new to look at. He also doesn't mind his legs being in the water after the initial shock of cool water wears off.
He's giving lots of smiles and happy noises now.
Bergen's very interested in what's in front of him. He really likes the rings that hang down from his bouncer. And if we put our hands out to him, he reaches and grabs for them.
A little blurry, but this balancing act cracks me up. We always joked that we would teach our little girl to stunt at a young age. I guess Bergen will too, but we'll have to include lifting lessons when he's a little older. (Don't worry Brant, we'll teach him to play baseball too. And don't pretend like you weren't rolling your eyes either :) I totally know you were. Haha!)
The other night Bergen was all ready for bed and Travis propped him up here while we finished getting ready ourselves. I walked in the room and it took me a minute to see him because I expected him to be laying down somewhere. It was pretty funny to see.

This little lion has been in the crib with Bergen since the very beginning. I've seen him looking at it before and thought it was fun to think of him having a snuggle buddy, even though he doesn't snuggle with it yet. Well, I put him down for a nap and went about my business (on the phone with my sister actually). A little while later I heard him talking so I peeked in the room and this is what I found...he had wiggled his arms out of the blanket and was trying to get the lion.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three Months Old

Time is flying by and Bergen is now three months old. We think he is just great fun and provides us with hours of entertainment.

He is now smiling all the time. Once he gave me a hearty laugh and a little squeal. That little laugh just melted my heart. Travis was at work so I grabbed the video camera so he could see it, but by then Bergen was done laughing. He's consistently sleeping at least 8 hours at night, which I'm loving! He's also getting pretty good at pushing his head and chest up while on his tummy.

I'm thinking about, contemplating, and saving my fun money for a new camera. My good friend Kristen let me test out and play with her Canon yesterday. It was so much fun! I even laid in bed last night envisioning taking pictures, kind of like when I'm working on a really cool design project and I can't get it out of my head...I think I'm getting hooked. These are some of my favorites before any editing. I was tempted to put up my top 20, but that would probably be a little excessive :) Thank you Kristen, for letting me play!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meet the Lintons

We went to Utah where Bergen got to meet a lot of Linton family. We had to wait for a couple of flights to get there since we were flying standby. And let's face it, July is a very busy flying time of year. Thankfully Bergen was very good for us while we waited and waited at the airport.
Once we got on the plane it was almost 9:00pm. Before we even pushed back, Bergen started crying, and not a very quiet cry either (at least to us). We tried a few things before we pulled out the bottle. He quickly calmed down, started drinking and within almost seconds he was asleep. It probably was only 3 or 4 minutes of crying, but in that situation it felt like 20! I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about! He stayed asleep the entire flight, while we got our luggage and the ride home. He woke up long enough to say hi to grandma and then went back to sleep for the night.
We and all the Markle cousins (Travis' sister's family) spent an afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Stewart. The Markles live in Houston but we were in Utah at the same time. Baby Cash was due just 4 days before Bergen, but Cash decided to come early so they are a month apart.
Four generations of Linton boys on the front porch.
Travis' Dad, his Grandpa, Travis and Bergen.
It was such a nice day and Travis' parents yard is so pretty I made his dad take a few pictures of us, even though Bergen was past his prime for taking pictures. I love this picture of us, but Bergen is not so happy. Kind of cute still, but probably not one I should put on the wall :)
And finally a picture of Bergen's Grandpa and Grandma.
The morning we left we stopped in Salt Lake, right by Pioneer Park for some waffles with Trav's parents and brother Tyler. Another pretty day. Self timer...too bad I couldn't get the camera straighter.
There are more fun pictures of kids and babies together but we didn't get them on our camera. I'll have to post those later! It was good to see almost the entire family while we were in Utah. We had a lot of fun together. Thanks for having us!

Stopped For a Treat

Yesterday we were out running errands. It became time for Bergen to eat, and it happened to be between 2 and 4 at Sonic...half price drinks! So we stopped and all had something to drink. Travis had grape, I had cranberry, and Bergen had milk. It may look like Bergen had multiple flavors, but that was just posing funny for the camera :)

Bergen also got a little driving lesson while we were sitting there. I think he first got the idea to "drive" from his cousin. You know which one you are! I'm guessing he was saying move out of my way! Then it was time to get strapped back in and continue on with the errands.
Bergen is such a fun little boy. I'm glad we can take the time to stop once in a while, and have fun together as a family. Even if it is just sitting in a parking lot.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hiking in the Mountains

While we were visiting Travis' family, we went on a hike with Ryan, Laura, Harrison, and Mckinley...too bad we didn't get a picture of all of us :( For July, it was still so green!

Overlooking Bountiful, what a view!
Bergen hiked with dad. As long as we were moving he would sleep. If we stopped to rest he would wake up and get a little fussy. Good motivation to keep moving I guess :)
We started the hike going straight up and thought the trail sure wasn't maintained very well...we didn't realize we were taking a shortcut until we ran into the regular trail. Needless to say we stuck to that path once we realized what we were going.
Stopping to enjoy the scenery.
Bergen doing what he does best...taking it easy with a nap.
The last bit of the hike Bergen woke up long enough and happy enough to take in the view. It was so fun to watch him look around, and see him smile when he spotted me following behind him.
As an extra bonus, we saw 2 hawks and 1 young buck. The buck was very nice to pose long enough for us to get a picture. Then we walked up the hill and crossed the trail just behind us.
Thanks for a fun hike guys!